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Throw the Rules Out[]

The Throw the Rules Out pay-per-view, has been the most extreme pay per view that International Wrestling Entertainment. TLC, Hardcore, Ladder's, Table's, Chair's, Chain's, And more great weapons have been in this pay per view. In the 2009 Throw the Rules Out saw, TLC Matches go extreme. Ladders Matches, Tables Matches. and even a Extreme Hell in a Cell Match, with new men looking for each other's blood. The 2009 Throw the Rules Out Pay Per View has been the most extreme Pay-per-view that IWE has ever produced.

Throw the Rules Out Dates and Venues[]

# Event Date Venue Main Event
1 Throw the Rules Out (2009) June 29, 2009 Circus Theatre Kevin (c) vs. Matt in a Xtreme TLC Match for the World Championship
2 Throw the Rules Out (2010) April 25, 2010 Circus Theatre Kevin and Martin (c) (c) vs. Matt and Daniel for the All Championships
3 Throw the Rules Out (2011) May 1, 2011 Billings Theatre TBA