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Ken Shammy
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The Union


May 3, 1999


June 14, 1999



The Union (aka U.P.Y.O.U.R.S.: Union of People You OUghtta Respect, Son) was a stable consisting of former Corporation members Ken Shammy, The Big Marc and Test, and their leader, Mankind.

History[edit | edit source]

The stable members came together because they felt they were being treated unjustly by The Corporation since James Mayer usurped power in the stable from his father, IWF Chairman Grant Mayer. The group formed on May 3, 1999, four days after Martin McAlmond's Ministry of Darkness and James's Corporation merged to create the Corporate Ministry.

The four Union members were not alone as they feuded with the Corporate Ministry. The ousted chairman Grant Mayer briefly led the Union into battle, and superstars such as Sam Simkins, Stone Cold Steve Johnson, and IWF Commissioner Ryan Barnhart were loosely allied with the Union, as they all had common enemies in the Corporate Ministry.

At Over the Edge, The Union defeated a Corporate Ministry team consisting of The Acolytes, Kiscera and Big Boss Brandon in an elimination match.

On May 31, Mankind received several sledgehammer blows to the knee in a hardcore match with Triple K. In reality, Mick Foley had needed knee surgery due to injuries suffered months earlier at Survivor Series He would be unable to wrestle until August 1999. The following week, Mr. Mayer revealed himself as the "Higher Power" which the Martin McAlmond had been taking orders from the entire time he was in command of the Ministry of Darkness, and later the Corporate Ministry. With their lead wrestler injured and their enemy evolved into a different group, the Union quietly disbanded.

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