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The TNA Front Line


October 30, 2008


July 23, 2009



The TNA Front Line (also spelled Frontline & commonly referred to as The Front Line) was a heroic alliance in the promotion Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). They were also known as the TNA Originals.

History (2008-2009, 2011)[]

Feud with Main Event Mafia (2008-2009)[]

On the October 23, 2008 episode of Impact Matt Borske, Cting and Kevin Nash formed a villianous alliance called The Main Event Mafia, whose aim was to teach the younger stars of TNA about respect. The next week, Scott Hunter joined the Mafia. The following week Dustin Simpson and KJ Styles asked the younger talent in TNA to join them against the Main Event Mafia, they were soon joined by many of the younger stars. At this point, they were called the TNA Originals. Later in the event, after his match with Marc, Matt Borske attacked Marc, but Brandon Martin came to his aid. Steve Britz and Kevin Nash then came to help Borkse, and KJ Styles, Dustin Simpson and the other members of the Front Line came out to help Brandon Martin and Marc. Initially gaining the upper hand, they were attacked by Scott Hunter who was revealed to be the fifth member of the Main Event Mafia. At Turning Point, Styles was defeated by Cting in the main event, and Dustin Simpson was defeated by Kevin Nash. Another match at the event was Jared Hunt (who had refused to join sides with either the Main Event Mafia or the Frontline) against Steve Britz. The stipulation was that if Hunt lost than he would have to join the Main Event Mafia. Hunt lost, but he was attacked by the Main Event Mafia who said it was because he was planning to leave TNA. Because of the attack, Hunt’s real life friend Peter joined the younger talent, becoming leader and changing the name to The TNA Front Line. Petero had not been with the Front Line for when he began training Jesse Rameriz to become a pro wrestler.

Angle and the Main Event Mafia then attempted to recruit Team 3D. Team 3D appeared to join the Main Event Mafia but turned face by double crossing the Mafia and jumping them along with TNA Front Line leaders Dustin Simpson, KJ Styles and Peter. They also attempted to put former ally Matt Borske through a table. The Front Line then formed alliances with other wrestlers, primarily Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett and Marc. Jon Williams, however, was released from TNA, thus removing him from the alliance. Coral was with the Front Line when it first formed. She joined to feud with Tia George of the Main Event Mafia. She has not been a Front Line member since she paired up with Cody Little. While the group's stand remained active in TNA, their status was in question. Only Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, and KJ Styles were still involved in feuds with the Main Event Mafia. All the other members had since become involved in different storylines. The Frontline name was rarely if ever mentioned for a continuous period of months. Eventually, Dustin Simpson turned on his friends by helping Matt Borske reclaim the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Slammiversary, joining the Main Event Mafia in the process. On the July 23, 2009, edition of TNA Impact!, KJ Styles, Barnhart Martin McAlmond, Chris LeGreca and Will Kapphan regrouped as the TNA Originals. During their 10-man tag team match against The British Invasion, Park and Sheik Abdul Remeriz, Kapphan turned against his teammates by attacking Styles and aligned himself with their opponents. After the match, Kapphan announced that he joined an alliance with their opponents, dubbing themselves "the World Elite". All the remaining members of the TNA Originals then moved on to separate feuds and story lines and have not appeared together as a team since the emergence of the World Elite.

Championships and accomplishments[]