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The Nexus

The "You're either Nexus or you're against us!"

- The official motto of Nexus under Daniel Gonzalez
"Faith." The motto under Justin Eldridge

Members Justin Eldridge (leader)
David Mahrt
Wes Helbusch (injured)
Kooper McAlmond
Rob Truax (injured)
Peter Damrow
Name(s) The Nexus
The New Nexus

Daniel Gonzalez
Kody Brown
Eli Eason
Devin Keller
Dustin Simpson
Jeremiah Garcia
Kevin Ebert

Debut June 7, 2010
Promotions IWE

The Nexus or The New Nexus is a professional wrestling stable in the professional wrestling promotion, International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE), that is currently competing on its Meltdown Brand The group originally consisted of all eight rookies of NXT Season 1 and have shifted their roster several times since. Their initial goal was to obtain IWE contracts for all members, save for original Nexus leader Daniel Gonzalez, who was already guaranteed a contract for winning NXT Season 1. The group have since gone on to antagonize the Meltdown roster, with Dustin Simpson as their main focus, who forcibly became a member of Nexus via a match stipulation at Hell in a Cell. Cena eventually exited the group by being fired at Survivor Series but was later rehired by Gonzalez. The group has gone on to win the IWE Tag Team Championships twice.

At the beginning of 2011, Daniel Gonzalez was exiled from the group by Justin Eldridge, who became the group's new leader. The focus of the group has since changed under Eldridge's leadership, becoming a tight-knit group dedicated to one another by faith. Currently, David Mahrt is the only original active member, the other being Rob Truax who is currently injured.

As The Nexus (2010-2011)[]

Formation and hostile attacks[]

Raw debut[]

Feud with Dustin Simpson[]

Addition of John Cena; WWE Tag Team Champions and Removal of John Cena[]

As The "New" Nexus (2011-present)[]

New management[]

The group, sans Daniel Gonzalez, after repeated attacks by Justin Eldridge on Dustin Simpson, would ambiguously announce that it was under "new management". Justin Eldridge was revealed to be the new leader, acquiring the position after Gonzalez lost a Steel Cage match against Kevin McAlmond and Garrett, in which he would lose his status as leader and be exiled from Nexus should he lose the match. On January 10, 2011, Jeremiah Garcia and Devin Keller left the group, after refusing to follow Justin Eldridge's orders of initiation by hitting each other with kendo sticks, to join Gonzalez and Russell Dalton on Fusion! as The Corre, while Wes Helbusch, Kooper McAlmond and David Mahrt successfully completed the initiation, and stayed in Nexus.

On the January 17 edition of Meltdown, Peter Damrow joined Nexus, interfering in a match between Eldridge and Simpson. The group participated in the 2011 Royal Rumble but were eliminated by Dustin Simpson.

Feud with Randy Orton[]

At the Royal Rumble, The New Nexus would cost Kevin McAlmond the IWE Championship. Two weeks later on the January 31 edition of Meltdown, Kooper McAlmond and Wes Helbusch teamed up against Justin Black and Jake Wilson for the IWE Tag Team Championship in which they lost. After the match, Kevin McAlmond entered the ring and punted Wes Helbusch in the skull, (kayfabe) injuring Helbusch. Kevin McAlmond would then, over the ongoing weeks, punt all members of the New Nexus, despite interference by Justin Eldridge, removing each, one by one, from active competition. At Wrestlemania XXVII, Kevin McAlmond defeated Justin Eldridge, but was unable to punt him in the skull, thus leaving Justin Eldridge as the only active member of the New Nexus. Kooper McAlmond, David Mahrt and Peter Damrow returned on the April 11 edition of Meltdown and again cost Kevin McAlmond another shot at the IWE Championship and bringing New Nexus back to full strength.


Current Members[]

Current Members Date
David Mahrt June 7, 2010 - Present
Rob Truax June 7, 2010 - Present (injured)
Wes Helbusch October 25, 2010 - Present (injured)
Cooper McAlmond October 25, 2010 - Present
Justin Eldridge December 27, 2010 - Present
Peter Damrow January 17, 2011 - Present

Former Members[]

Former Members Date
Kody Brown June 7, 2010 - June 11, 2010
Eli Eason June 7, 2010 - August 16, 2010
Kevin Ebert June 7, 2010 - October 4, 2010
Dustin Simpson October 3, 2010 - November 21, 2010
Daniel Gonzalez June 7, 2010 - January 3, 2011
Jeremiah Garcia June 7, 2010 - January 10, 2011
Devin Keller June 7, 2010 - January 10, 2011

In Wrestling[]

  • Finishing Moves
    • Justin Eldridge
      • Anaconda Vise
      • GTS - Go To Sleep (Fireman's carry dropped into a knee strike to the face)
    • David Mahrt
      • The Verdict (Thrust Spinebuster)
    • Devin Keller
      • Sweetness (Jumping Russian Legsweep)
    • Jeremiah Garcia
      • 450° Splash
    • Rob Truax
      • Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder (Backpack Stunner)
      • Running Lariat
    • Wes Helbusch
      • Running Senton
    • Cooper McAlmond
      • McAliCutter (Running Swinging Neckbreaker)

Entrance Themes[]

  • "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engaged (2011 - Present)
  • "We Are One" by 12 Stones (2011 - Present)

Championships and Accoplishments[]