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The Legacy
Mark Semmler (left), Kevin McAlmond (center) and Kyle Johnson (right)
Members Kevin McAlmond
Kyle Johnson
Mark Semmler
Name(s) The Legacy
Debut January 12, 2009[1]
Disbanded April 27, 2010
Promotions IWE


The concept behind the group was that each member is a multi-generation wrestling. The name of the faction, The Legacy, referred to their extensive family histories in wrestling. Kevin McAlmond's father (Brian McAlmond), uncle (Billy McAlmond and grandfather (Keith McAlmond) were all professional wrestlers. Kyle Johnson, meanwhile, takes his name from his father, (Kyle Johnson) who wrestled before him along with both his grandparents (adoptive grandfather (Mike Johnson and grandmother Mary). Mark Semmler is only a second generation wrestler, taking his father (Dusty Semmler) and his two uncles (Jerry and Fred), who precede him in the business. Due to their status as second or third generation wrestlers, all the members of The Legacy believe themselves to be superior to the other wrestlers in IWE, in storyline

In an interview, McAlmond said the point of The Legacy was to create "future opponents" for himself and the others who would be wrestling in main events in IWE over the next decade. The Legacy has been compared to the former IWE faction Evolution of which McAlmond was a member, but Semmler and Johnson have said that they see the comparison as an opportunity to prove themselves and show there potential.


Formation (2008)[]

Feud with the Bayer Family (2009)[]

McAlmond as IWE Champion (2009[]

Split from Orton and dissolution (2010)[]

In Wrestling[]

  • McAlmond's Finishing Moves
    • RKO (Jumping Cutter)
    • Running Punt to an opponent's head
  • Johnson's Finishing Moves
    • Cobra Clutch Legsweep
    • Dream Street (Cobra Clutch Slam)
  • Semmlers' Finishing Moves
    • Cross Semmlers (Spinning Face buster)
    • The Silver Spoon DDT (DDT) *Entrance Themes
    • "Voices" by Rich Luzzi and Jim Johnston
    • "Pricelss (remix) by Jim Johnston (January 2009 – May 2009; Semmler and Johnson)
    • "Its a New Day" by Adelitas Way (June 2009 – March 2010; Semmler and Johnson)

Championships and accomplishments[]