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The Heart Dynasty

Ashley Gomez (left), David Aldrich (center), and Tyson Booth (right)

Members David Aldrich
Tyson Booth

Hart Dynasty
Hart Trilogy
New Hart Foundation
Next Generation
Hart Foundation

Teddy Hart
Bret Heart
Kyle Johnson
Debut June 26, 2007
Promotions FCW


International Wrestling Entertainment[]

Florida Championship Wrestling (2007–2009)[]

In 2007, International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE) launched their new development territory, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). David Aldrich, Ashley Gomez and Ty Booth were moved to the new farm territory, where they aligned themselves and formed the Nex/New Generation Hart Foundation (also known simply The New Hart Foundation) and were later joined by Teddy Hart and Kyle Johnson.. At FCW's debut show on June 26, Aldrich won the 21-man Battle Royal to become the promotion's first Southern Heavyweight Champion. Plans to bring the stable to IWE's main roster were made but Teddy Hart was released from his development contract in October. Eventually, Johnson, Gomez and Aldrich after losing the Southern Heavyweight Championship, were called up to the main roster, albeit on separate shows, as Johnson and Aldrich were sent to Meltdown and Gomez to Fusion, disbanding the Next Generation Hart Foundation. After being drafted to Fusion, Aldrich returned to FCW-without ever debut on Fusion-and reformed the stable with Booth. With Gomez's help they won the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship. After losing the championship, they were once again split up when Tyson Booth was called up to the XCW brand with Ashley Gomez as his valet

'Main Roster (2009-Present)[]

On May 24, 2010, Hart was named as the Meltdown General Manager and vacated the United States Championship as result. On the same episode of Meltdown, The Heart Dynasty began a rivalry with a group composed of Brian and Clay Bignell, and Sonja Nelson. This led to a non-title six-person tag team match at Fatal 4-Way pay per view, where Ashley pinned Sonja to win the match. The following night on Meltdown, Hart was fired as General Manager. The following month at the Money in the Bank pay per view, The Heart Dynasty and The Bignells competed in a tag team match for the Unified IWE Tag Team Championship, which Boot and Aldrich won the retain the Championship

On the August 16 episode of Meltdown the Unified IWE Tag Team Championship was retired into a new IWE Tag Team Championship, and Bret Hart presented The Heart Dynasty with the new Championship Belts.

In Wrestling[]

  • Finishing moves
    • Sharpshooter
  • Double team finishing moves
    • Heart Attack
  • Entrance Theme
    • "New Foundation" by Jim Johnston and performed by Jimi Bell

Championship and Accoplishments[]

  • Florida Championship Wrestling
    • FCW Florida Tag Team Championship (1 time) – David Aldrich and Tyson Booth
    • FCW Southern Heavyweight Championship (2 times) – David Aldirch (1), Tyson Booth (1)
  • International Wrestling Entertainment
    • IWE World Tag Team Championship (1 time) – David Aldrich and Tyson Booth
    • IWE Tag Team Championship (2002 version) (1 time) –David Aldrich and Tyson Booth
    • IWE Tag Team Championship (2010 version) (1 time, current) –David Aldrich and Tyson Booth
    • IWE United States Championship (1 time) – Bret Hart