Best of the X Division

Promotional poster featuring various X-Division stars

Promotion Total Nonstop Action Wrestling
# of Matches 9
B chronology
Best of the Bloodies Brawls; Scars and Stitches Best of the Bloodiest Brawls (Volume 2) The Best of the SATURDAY NIGHT MAIN EVENT

The Best of the X Division is a DVD produced by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and shows what the X Division at what they do best. The X Division superstars consisted KJ Styles, Ryan Gleason, Brian Tobol, Brian Woods, Mikhail, Jon Williams, Robbe R, Ryan Barnhart, Jeremiah Garcia, Eli Eason and Blake Wheeler. The X Division is all about highflying, and giving th TNA fans what they want..


Innovative, death defying, outrageous, Xplosive, pick any words you want, and you still can't adequately desrive the TNA X Division. KJ Styles, Ryan Barnhart, Ryan Gleason, and Jon Williams put the X Division on the map, and performances in X Matches helped introduce new stars like Jeremiah Garcia, Michael Fonger, and Dustin Simpson to wrestling fans around the world. This DVD includes the best and most exiciting X Division matches in TNA History.


The Best of the X Division
Disk One
# Matches Stipulations Event Winner(s)
1 Mikhail vs. Jeremiah Garcia vs. Puma vs. LA Park vs. Will Hughes vs. Miyamoto vs. Micharl Fonger vs. Héctor Garza vs. Nosawa vs. Matt Paulsen vs. Brian Tobol vs. Justin Sydal vs. Sonni vs. Joseph Andriolo vs. Aaron Shark vs. Psicho vs. Michael Krebs vs. Amazing Aaron vs. Spanky vs. Ryan Gleason 20-Man X Gauntlet Match Victory Road (2004) Garza
2 Jon Williams (c) (with Coach D'Amore) vs. KJ Styles Singles match for the TNA X Division Championship Victory Road (2004) Williams
3 Ryan Barnhart vs. Ryan Gleason Winner advances Ultimate X match at Final Resolution iMPACT! Gleason
4 Jon Williams (with Coach D'Amore) vs. Ryan Gleason vs. KJ Styles Ultimate X match for the TNA X Division Championship Final Resolution (2005) Styles
5 KJ Styles (c) vs. Ryan Barnhart 30-Minute Ironman Match for the TNA X Division Championship Against All Odds (2005) Styles
Disk Two
# Matches Stipulations Event Winner(s)
1 KJ Styles (c) vs. Elix Skipper vs. Blake "The Truth" Wheeler vs. Ryan Barnhart Ultimate X Challenge for the TNA X Division Championship Destination X (2005) Barnhart
2 Michael Fonger vs. Jeremiah Garcia vs. Ryan Gleason vs. Shocker Xscape Match Lockdown (2005) Shocker
3 KJ Styles vs. Sean McCurry Singles match; Jerry as special guest referee No Surrender (2005) Styles
4 Dustin Simpson vs. Ryan Gleason Singles match No Surrender (2005) Simpson
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