The Allinace
The WCW logo used as an identifier for The Alliance; this logo was introduced before the Alliance was formed and was to be WCW's regular logo if it had a weekly program.


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The Alliance
WCW/ECW Alliance
The Coalition


July 9, 2001


November 18, 2001



The Alliance, also known as The WCW/XCW Alliance, was a professional wrestling stable in the International Wrestling Federation that lasted from July 2001 until November 2001.

History[edit | edit source]

Members of The Alliance[edit | edit source]

WCW[edit | edit source]

* = Started appearing on IWF television prior to the Invasion storyline.

XCW[edit | edit source]

* = Was working for WWF prior to the Invasion storyline
** = Was working for WCW at the time of collapse

IWF Defectors to WCW[edit | edit source]

IWF Defectors to XCW[edit | edit source]

  • Brittany Mayer-Kelmsley (XCW Owner)*
  • Richard Veach (an XCW Original but did not defect to XCW until later in the Invasion, offering the services of WCW's KroniK as revenge against the Brothers of Destruction)
  • Torri (valet of Russell)

* = Never appeared or wrestled in WCW or XCW prior to the storyline.

Championships (The Alliance)[edit | edit source]

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