Team IWF (vs. Team Alliance at Survivor Series (2001))
The Rock, Kris McGowan, Marin McAlmond, Chris LeGreca, and The Big Marc


Mr. Mayer (Owner of IWF)
The Rock (Leader)
Martin McAlmond
Kris McGowan
Chris LeGreca
The Big Marc


November 18, 2001


November 18, 2001

Survivor Series (2001) Team IWF consisted of Members of the IWE Roster. The members were, then-WCW Champion The Rock, Martin McAlmond, Chris LeGreca, Kris McGowan and The Big Marc. The match was suppose to have the owner of IWF/E Grant Mayer but, Mayer replaced himself with The Big Marc. At Survivor Series Team IWF would go on to defeat The Alliance in the Five-on-five elimination winner takes all match, to keep the IWF in tact.

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