Team IWF (vs. Team Alliance at Invasion (2001))
Steve Johnson, Matt Borske, Kris McGowan, Martin McAlmond & Chris LeGreca


Mr. Mayer (Owner of IWF)
Stone Cold Steve Johnson (Leader)
Matt Borske
Kris McGowan
Martin McAlmond
Chris LeGreca


July 22, 2001


July 22, 2001

IWF Invasion (2001) Team IWF In the beginning of the Invasion, the owner of the International Wrestling Federation and the then-IWF Champion Stone Cold Steve Johnson were a faction along with the sidelined Triple K. However, the Invasion of James Mayer's newest purchased company World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and Brittany Mayer's newly purchased company Xtreme Championship Wrestling (XCW). Grant Mayer wanted the "Old Stone Cold" back. But at Invasion however, Johnson would turn his back on the IWE and align himself with the Alliance as there Leader.

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