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This is a chronological list of pay-per-views promoted by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). TNA holds one pay-per-view event per month. Pay-per-view events are a major revenue source for the promotion.


Current pay-per-view events
Month Event
January Genesis
February Against All Odds
March Victory Road
April Lockdown
May Sacrifice
June Slammiversary
July Destination X
August HardCore Justice
September No Surrender
October Bound for Glory
November Turning Point
December Final Resolution

Originally, TNA held all of its shows on pay-per-view on a weekly basis which began on June 19, 2002. TNA taped 111 of these weekly pay-per-views. The last of these pay-per-views aired on September 8, 2004. TNA began airing their television program TNA Impact! (which premiered June 4, 2004) as its primary program.

After the weekly pay-per-views, TNA felt that they had a fanbase that would support monthly three-hour pay-per-views . On November 7, 2004, TNA aired the first of these pay-per-views, Victory Road. It has followed this basis ever since. In 2005, Hard Justice and Sacrifice took place in the months of May and August, respectively, but has since traded places. No Surrender originally took place in July, while Unbreakable took place in September. In 2006, No Surrender replaced Unbreakable as the September PPV, while Victory Road took the old slot of No Surrender. In 2008, Turning Point, Final Resolution and Genesis were the latest PPVs to switch their times with Turning Point moving from December to November as of the 2008 edition, Final Resolution moving to December from January (thus giving the name true meaning as it will now be the final PPV of any calendar year), and Genesis switching from November to January (symbolizing it being the first PPV of any new calendar year). With this change, 2008 was the only year that TNA's PPV calendar began and ended with a PPV bearing exactly the same name (Final Resolution). In early January 2011, TNA announced that Victory Road and Destination X would be switching times, with Victory Road being moved up to March, and Destination X being postponed until July.

The first two weekly pay-per-views were held at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama. The third, fourth and fifth events occurred at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee. Starting with the sixth, the events moved to their permanent home at the TNA Asylum in the Nashville Fairgrounds until the end of the weekly PPVs. Their current home is the TNA Impact! Zone (Soundstage 21 at Universal Studios Florida in Orlando, Florida)

In the United States, TNA pay-per-views are offered by In Demand, Dish Network and DirectTV. In Australia, TNA pay-per-views are shown on Main Event and iMPACT on Fox8. In the United Kingdom they were shown on Bravo 2 for free the Wednesday after the event On March 25, 2010, they moved to Extreme Sports Channel, with the first PPV aired on this channel Destination X, the following Friday after the event. When Bravo ceased operating on January 1, 2011, all TNA programming was pulled from air in the UK, including that on Extreme Sports Channel. On January 25, 2011, it was announced that from February 1 2011, all TNA programming would air on Challenge, with PPVs the Wednesday after the event. They are also available in Canada and Germany.

On May 6th 2011, TNA Wrestling rumored to bring back TNA Unbreakable. The concept is that the PPV will share September with TNA No Surrender, making a hype for TNA Bound for Glory.

Upcoming pay-per-view schedule[]

Event Date City Venue Ref
Hardcore Justice (2011) August 7, 2011 Orlando, Florida Impact Wrestling Zone
No Surrender (2011) September 11, 2011 Orlando, Florida Impact Wrestling Zone
Bound for Glory (2011) October 16, 2011 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Liacouras Center