Knockout is a term used by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) to refer to its female talent. The term is applied universally to wrestlers, backstage interviewers, and managers/valets. They are analogous to the Divas of rival IWE.

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Miss TNA (2002)[edit | edit source]

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Queen of the Cage[edit | edit source]

The Queen of the Cage match is a professional wrestling match exclusive to TNA. The Queen of the Cage was determined annually at the Lockdown pay-per-view event. In 2008, the match began as a reverse-battle royal involving eight wrestlers. The first two wrestlers that entered the cage then competed in a one-on-one match that was won via pin fall or submission. The winner became the number one contender for the TNA Women's Knockout Championship. In 2009, the match was a traditional four-way match. The match type has since been dropped.

No. Match Event, Date and Location
I Shaina Laveaux defeated Angela McAlmond, Jehann Kazem, Beatrice, Rhaka Khan, Katie, Hanna Hultin, and Brittany Mayer Lockdown 2008
April 13, 2008,
Lowell, Massachusetts
II Coral defeated Dixie, Victoria Lehr, and Felisha Nuss Lockdown 2009
April 19, 2009,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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