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The Bound for Glory Series has arrived! 12 IMPACT WRESTLING Superstars will compete - who will earn the title shot and compete in the main event at the biggest Pay-Per-View event of the year? Over the next 3 months, it doesn't matter where they fight or what kind of match they fight in! Every outcome, every win and every loss will update their standings in the BFG Series!

Hello, IMPACT WRESTLING fans and welcome to "Monday Impact!". Every Monday, you can follow the Bound For Glory Series and see where your favorite IMPACT WRESTLING athlete sits in the updated standings. Along with the first standings, I have added my educated opinion and odds of each participants chances of winning the BFGS (Bound For Glory Series) but remember, the odds are for entertainment purposes only.

Bound for Glory Series Ranking[]

Ranking # Superstar Points
1 Kevin Crimson 31 Points