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Event Date City Venue Main Event
Souled Out (1997) January 25, 1997 Cedar Rapids, Iowa Five Seasons Center Hollywood Hogan (c) vs. The Giant for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Soulded Out (1998) January 25, 1998 Trotwood, Ohio Hara Arena Brent Huntley vs. Brady Nash
Souled Out (1999) Jaunary 17, 1999 Charleston, West Virginia Charleston Civic Center Bill vs. Scott Hall in a Ladder Stun Gun match
Souled Out (2000) January 16, 2000 Cincinati, Ohio Firstar Center Kevin Hunter vs. Justice for the vacant WCW World Heavyweight Championship


Souled Out 1997


Tagline(s) The World Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us
Promotion World Championship Wrestling
Date January 25, 1997
Attendance 5,120
Venue Five Seasons Center
City Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Pay-per-view chronology
Starrcade (1996) Souled Out 1997 SuperBrawl VII
Souled Out chronology
First Souled Out 1997 Souled Out (1998)

Souled Out 1997, and also known as nWo Souled Out, took place on January 25, 1997 from the Five Seasons Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This was an nWo sponsored PPV, all of the matches were nWo vs. WCW. WCW president/nWo member Eric Bischoff and Kyle Johnson provided commentary. The nWo referee, Nick Patrick, officiated all the matches. No WCW wrestler was allowed to have theme music while the appropriate nWo theme songs played for the various members of the group.

  • Masahiro Chono defeated Kris McGowan (11:08)
    • Chono pinned McGowan after a Yakuza Kick
  • Big Bubba Brandon defeated Morrus (w/Jimmy Hart) in a Mexican Death match (9:03)
  • Jeff Jarrett defeated Mr. Wallstreet (9:22)
    • Jarrett pinned Wallstreet after McMichael hit Wallstreet with a Halliburton briefcase.
  • Quinn Noel defeated Scotty (13:51)
    • Noel pinned Scotty after a Buff Blockbuster.
  • Thayer Glueckert defeated Diamond Dallas Cage by count-out (9:39)
    • Glueckert won the match after Quinn Noel, Big Bubba Brandon, Vincent and Mr. Wallstreet came to the ring to try and recruit Cage to join the nWo.
    • Cage initially accepted, but then attacked Glueckert, Noel, Vincent, Brandon, Wallstreet and Nick Patrick and left the ring tearing off the nWo shirt he was given by Noel.
  • The Hunter Brothers (Rick Hunter and Scott Hunter) defeated The Outsiders (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) to win the WCW World Tag Team Championship
    • Rick pinned Hall after a Steiner Bulldog.
    • The titles were returned to Hall and Nash two nights later because WCW referee Randy Anderson made the 3-count.
  • Brian McAlmond defeated Syxx in a Ladder Match to retain the WCW United States Championship (13:48)
    • Brian McAlmond hit Syxx in the head with the title belt after both wrestlers had unhooked it simultaneously; Syxx fell and let go of the belt, and Brian McAlmond retained his championship.
  • WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hollywood Hogan fought The Giant to a no-contest (11:00)
    • The match ended after other members of the nWo came out and attacked The Giant.


Souled Out 1998


Promotion World Championship Wrestling
Date January 24, 1998
Attendance 5,486
Venue Hara Arena
City Trotwood, Ohio
Pay-per-view chronology
Starrcade 1997 Souled Out 1998 SuperBrawl VIII
Souled Out chronology
Souled Out (1997) Souled Out 1998 Souled Out (1999)

Souled Out 1998 took place on January 24, 1998 from the Hara Arena in Trotwood, Ohio.

  • Juventud, Super Calo, Lizmark, Jr. and Josh Nuss defeated La Parka, Psicosis, Silver King and El Dandy
    • Nuss pinned Psicosis after a Tornado DDT.
  • Kevin Hunter defeated Russell in a Russell's Rules match
    • Hunter won when Russell passed out from a Crossface.
  • Kris McGowan defeated Scott Wright Jr. to win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship
    • McGowan forced Wright to submit with the Lion Tamer.
  • Steve Britz defeated Rick Pembroke to retain the WCW World Television Championship (10:50)
    • Britz pinned Martel after a Harlem Hangover.
  • Larry Zbyszko (w/Dusty Semmler) defeated Scott Hall (w/Louie Spicolli) by disqualification
    • Hall was disqualified after Spicolli interfered.
    • After the match, Semmler turned on Zbyszko and joined the nWo.
  • Ray Traylor and The Hunter Brothers (Rick and Scott) (w/Kyle Johnson) defeated The nWo (Jason, Scotty N. and Nick Bagwell) (w/Vincent)
  • Kevin Nash (w/ Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff) defeated The Giant
    • Nash pinned Giant after a Jacknife Powerbomb
  • Bret Heart defeated Ric Flair
    • Heart forced Flair to submit to the Sharpshooter
  • Brent Huntley defeated Brady Nash (w/Miss Elizabeth)
    • Huntley forced Brady Nash to submit to the Torture Rack.