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Pro Wrestling Illustrated
KJ Styles on the August 2010 cover


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Kappa Publishing Group

First issue

September 1979


United States



Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) is a professional wrestling magazine. PWI is currently based in Blue Bell, Pensylvania and published by Kappa Publishing Group.


The first issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated was released in 1979. The magazine soon became known for not breaking kayfabe in its articles as it traditionally treated all "angles", or storylines, as real. However, in more recent years, the magazine has taken an editorial approach between kayfabe and "Shoot" writing, differentiating between on-screen feuds and controversies behind the scenes. PWI is not limited to covering only prominent professional wrestling promotions, as it also covers multipule independent promotions in the United States. PWI also publishes other special issues, which include: Pro Wrestling Illustrated Wrestling Almanac & Book of Facts since 1996, Women of Wrestling, and a weekly newsletter entitled PWI Weekly from 1989 to 2000. It was eventually acquired by Golden Boy Enterprises.

PWI has given out annual awards and recognitions since its inception. These awards had previously been given out by another Victory Sports Magazine property-The Wrestler. PWI has also given out monthly rankings for the big promotions, some select independents, and an overall rankings in singles and tag teams. Additionally, readers are given the ability vote for the winners of the year-end awards with ballots being included in special year-end issues. A special PWI Awards magazine is issued annually, which reveals winners and the number of votes counted. The following is a list of categories in which PWI has issued awards.

  • Wrestler of the Year (since 1972)
  • Tag Team of the Year (since 1972)
  • Match of the Year (since 1972)
  • Feud of the Year (since 1986)
  • Most Popular Wrestler of the Year (since 1972)
  • Most Hated Wrestler of the Year (since 1972)
  • Most Improved Wrestler of the Year (since 1978)
  • Most Inspirational Wrestler of the Year (since 1972)
  • Rookie of the Year (since 1972)
  • Stanley Weston Award (since 1981)
  • Comeback of the Year (since 1992)
  • Woman of the Year (since 1999)
  • Manager of the Year (1972 to 1999)
  • Girl Wrestler of the Year (1972 to 1976)
  • Midget Wrestler of the Year (1972 to 1976)
  • Announcer of the Year (1977)

PWI 500[]

Year 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1991 Hulk Hogan Brent Huntley Ric Flair Brady Nash Cting Scott Hunter Ricky Steam. Steve Arn Ander. Rick Hunter
1992 Cting Brady Nash Ric Flair Rick P. Bret Heart Ricky Steam. Jerry Lawler Scott Hunter The Warrior Steve Johnson
1993 Bret Heart Big Van Steven Ryan Barnhart Cting McCorrmack Ric Flair Brent Huntley Rick P. Mr. McAlmond Scott Hunter
1994 Bret Heart Hulk Hogan Ric Flair Big Van Steven Ryan Barnhart Steve Johnson Razor Ramon Cting Ricky Steamboat Owen Heart
1995 Diesel Ryan Barnhart Cting Bret Heart Jason Hulk Hogan Big Van Steven Brady Nash Razor Ramon Mitshuharu Misawa
1996 Ryan Barnhart The Giant Cting Kenta Kobashi Colton Sherley Kevin Nash Scott Wright, Jr. Hulk Hogan Jason Ric Flair
1997 Dean Barnhart Mitshuaru Misawa Steve Johnson DDC Brent Huntley Martin McAlmond Shinya Hashimoto The Giant Jushin Liger Kevin Hunter
1998 Steve Johnson Coldberg Mitsuharu Misawa DDX Martin McAlmond Kenta Kobashi Steve Britz Ken Shammy Jushin Liger Kris McGowan
1999 Steve Johnson KVJ Mitsuharu Misawa Scott Wright, Jr. Sam Simkins DDC Keji Mutoh Martin McAlmond Coldberg Taz
2000 Triple K Sam Simkins Kevin Hunter Kenta Kobashi Jeff Jarrett Justin Feight Mike Banderob Jushin Linger Kris McGowan Kensuke
2001 Matt Borske Steve Johnson Kevin Hunter Kenta Kobashi Steve Britz Triple K Scott Hunter Mitsuharu Misawa Kris McGowan Peter
2002 KVJ Martin McAlmond Keji Muto Kris McGowan Brian McAlmond Matt Borske Edge Yuji Nagata Sam Simkins Triple K
2003 Rob Lesner Triple K Matt Borske Keji Muto Kris McGowan Big Marc Steve Britz Kenta Kobashi Brian McAlmond KVJ
2004 Kevin Hunter Brian McAlmond Triple K Kenta Kobashi Kevin McAlmond Toshiaki Kawada Dustin Simpson KJ Styles Ryan Barnhart KVJ
2005 Jesse Dern Dustin Simpson Satoshi Kojima Triple K JBG Matt Borske KJ Styles Edge Junior Remeriz Hiroyoshi Tenzan
2006 Dustin Simpson Matt Borske Edge Dustin Mistico Scott Wright Rob Lesner Kenta Kobashi Ryan Barnhart Jeff Jarrett
2007 Dustin Simpson Edge Mistico Matt Borske Martin McAlmond Ryan Barnhart Khristain Kage Perro Auguayo, Jr. Bobby Takeshi Morishima
2008 Kevin McAlmond Matt Borske Triple K Dustin Edge Axl Ryan Barnhart Nigel Laughboura Dustin Simpson Shinskuke N.
2009 Triple K Kris McGowan Dustin Simpson Edge Kevin McAlmond Nigel Laughboura]] Hiroshi Tanahashi Justin Eldridge Cting Ultimo McAlmond
2010 KJ Styles Dustin Simpson Justin Eldridge Kevin McAlmond Kris McGowan Jesse Dern Shinsuke N. Martin McAlmond Matt Borske Garrett

Top 50 Females[]

Year 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
2008 Tessa Smith Chandra Denney Lauren Ireland Sari Pasma MsChiff Sara Del Rey Shaina Laveaux Densie Amanda Johnson Ali Richards
2009 Sari Pasma Angela McAlmond Denise MsChif Courney Tessa Smith Chandra Denney Amanda Johnson Riley Cheyanne Drake
2010 Amanda Johnson Angela McAlmond Mercedes Martinez Cheerleader Kaila Nicole Berman Victoria Lehr Chandra Denney Sari Pasma MsChif Riley