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Pretty Mean Sisters


November 1998


August 1990



Pretty Mean Sisters (P.M.S.) was the female stable of Terri, Beatrice LeGreca, Ryan Shammy in the International Wrestling Federation in the late 1990s.



Beatrice and Marc Rowen separated on the November 22 episode of Sunday Night Heat, and the jilted Beatrice formed a new stable of women known as the Pretty Mean Sisters (a pun on "PMS") with Terri, who was separated from her husband, James Thomas. During a match between Rowan and Thomas on the November 23 episode of Meltdown, Beatrice and Terri entered the ring and low-blowed both men.

Vince Russo was the creator of the storyline, which Terri originally fought him about doing.


Terri also claimed to be pregnant with new boyfriend, Sean McCurry's baby, but when he found out about the news, he dumped her. They later formed an alliance with Dan'Lo Brown and Steven Larson, accompanying them to the ring for a match against Venis and Paul in December at Rock Bottom: In Your House. In January, Terri claimed to have suffered a miscarriage after she was knocked of the ring apron by Brown. The guilty Brown became a servant to PMS, who forced him to wrestle his friend, Steven Larson. The deception lasted until February 1, when the ringside doctor told Brown that Terri had not been pregnant. PMS then feuded with Brown by costing him matches and attacking his new manager, Ivory. Beatrice returned to the women's division in March, and on the April 12 episode of Meltdown, she, Ivory, Tori, and Allison took part in a four way match for the Women's Championship. The match was declared a no-contest after Allison's bodyguard Nicole Bass stormed the ring and chokeslammed the three challengers.

Addition of Meat[]

PMS gained a "love slave" named Meat (Shawn Stasiak), because he was "nothing more than a piece of meat", in May. In the same month, the stable expanded once more to incorporate Ryan Shamrock, who had been spurned by the womanizing Sean McCurry, but she left both the stable and the IWF in the following months. As a part of the storyline, the three women used Meat for his body, forcing him to have sex with them. Also, they would force him to do their bidding and wear wrestling tights that resembled a pair of tight underwear. After Shammy left the IWF, Terri and Beatrice continued to assist Meat in his matches. Tension began to grow between the two women as Terri, in storyline, exhausted Meat with hours of sex before his matches and then berated her fatigued lover when he lacked the energy to win matches. Beatrice left the stable after Terri forced Meat to kiss her feet on the August 1 episode of Sunday Night Heat.