Over the Limit

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Theme song(s) "Crash" by Fit For Rivals
Promotion International Wrestling Entertainment
Date May 23, 2010
Attendance 11,000
Venue Joe Louis Arena
City Detroit, Michigan
Pay-per-view chronology
Extreme Rules (2010) Over the Limit Fatal 4-Way (2010)

Over the Limit (2010)[edit | edit source]

Over the Limit was a professional wrestling pay-per-view produced by International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE), which took place on May 23, 2010 at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. Eight matches took place during the event.

The event received 197,000 pay-per-view buys, down on the Judgment Day (200) figure of 228,000 buys. A second Over the Limit event is scheduled to take place on May 22, 2011.

Background[edit | edit source]

Over the Limit involved different wrestlers from scripted feuds, plots and storylines that played out on WWE's television programs. Wrestlers portrayed a villain or a hero as they followed a series of events that built tension, and culminated into a wrestling match or series of matches.

Event[edit | edit source]

Prior to the pay-per-view, Mikhail Schmalzried defeated Josh Nuss in a dark match.

Preliminary Matches[edit | edit source]


Jose Serrano won the IWE Intercontinental Championship from Dax Hoovestall

The first match that aired as part of the pay-per-view was Dax Hoovestall defending his Intercontinental Championship against Jose Serrano. Serrano took the early advantage, by performing a suicide diva to the outside of the ring on Hoovestall. Hoovestall threw Kingston in the ringpost, and went on the offense. Serrano was able to counter Hoovestall's "Future Shock" DDT, and performed his finishing move, the S.O.S, to pin Hoovestall for the victory and the championship. Following the match, Hoovestall demanded that Teddy Long go out to the ring and reverse the decision, but instead Hoovestall was attacked by Matt Hooper, who he had attacked on several occasions in the weeks prior. The next match was a singles match between Kyle Johnson, who was accompanied by Virgil and Blake Wheeler. In the early stages of the match, Virgil caused a distraction, allowing Johnson to take the advantage by performing a reverse neckbreaker and throwing Blake Wheeler into the barricade at ringside. Blake Wheeler was able to counter a move from the top rope, and went on to win the match by utilising his "Lie Detector" finishing move (a corkscrew flying forearm smash).

The third match on the card was a Straight Edge Society pledge vs. hair match, between Justin Eldridge and Scott Wright. For this match, the other Straight Edge Society members (Kelsey and Justin Feight) were banned from ringside. Early on in the match, Eldridge threw Wright headfirst out of the ring into the barber chair at ringside. Eldridge had suffered a cut to the head just prior to that exchange, and while Wright was on the floor, the match was halted so that the blood could be cleaned up. While Eldridge was being attended to, he dropkicked Wright, who was on the ring apron, and began attacking him on the floor to restart the match. After Wright missed a splash from the top rope, Eldridge went to pin him, but Wright was able to perform a crucifix cradle on Eldridge for the victory. The other Straight Edge Society members attacked Wright after the match, but he was saved by Chris LeGreca, which allowed Wright to handcuff Eldridge to the ring ropes and shave his head.

A tag team match for the Unified Tag Team Championship followed, between the champions The Heart Dynasty (Tyson Booth and David Heart Aldrich), who were accompanied by the manager Shannon, and the team of Kris McGowan and Joe Smith. The Heart Dynasty took the early advantage, but McGowan and Smith were able to isolate both Aldrich and Booth in the ring at different points in the match, wearing them down. Shannon interfered by tripping up McGOwan while Smith had the referee distracted. The Heart Dynasty were able to capitalise, and performed the Heart Attack on Smith for the pinfall victory. The fifth match that occurred was between Edge and Kevin McAlmond. Edge took control of the match early on by driving McAlmond into the barricade outside the ring. McAlmond was able to recover, and performed a rope hung DDT on Edge. While setting up for his finishing move, the RKO, McAlmond appeared to injure his arm, and went outside the ring in an attempt to recover. Edge followed him, trying to perform the spear, but McAlmond was able to avoid it, and Edge hit the barricade. Neither man was able to return to the ring before the count of ten, and as a result, the match ended in a double countout.

Main Event Matches[edit | edit source]


Riley was unsuccessful in regaining the IWE Divas Championship

The first main event match of the night was between the World Heavyweight Champion Charlie Wilson and his challenger, The Big Marc. The Big Marc dominated the match, with Wilson getting very little offense. As a result, Wilson hit The Big Marc with the World Heavyweight Championship title belt, and was disqualified. After the match, Wilson attacked The Big Marc with a steel chair, but The Big Marc was able to stop him with a chokeslam. The Big Marc then performed his knockout punch on Wilson, before leaving the area.

The penultimate match on the card saw Nicole defend the IWE Divas Championship against Riley. Riley took the early advantage, but when she threw Nicole outside the ring, and attempted to kick her, she kicked the ringpost instead, allowing Nicole to take control with a series of dropkicks. Nicole performed a standing moonsault and a sunset flip for a near-fall. Riley countered a rolling senton splash attempt by Nicole and went for her finishing move, the French Kiss; though that was countered by Nicole for the pin, who retained her championship.

The main event was Dustin Simpson versus Jesse Dern for the IWE Championship in an "I Quit" match, where the object of the match is to force your opponent to say "I Quit". As the bell rang to signal the start of the match, Dern gave Simpson the chance to quit immediately, but Simpson refused and hit Dern with the microphone. Despite this, Dern was able to take control, and locked in a submission hold, but Simpson refused to say "I quit". Simpson eventually counters the move into his own submission hold, the STF, and Dern passed out. As he had not said the words "I Quit", however, he had to be revived so the match could continue. Dern fought back, and was able to powerslam Simpson Cena through the announce table. As Simpson was bleeding, the match was briefly halted so he could be attended to. The two fought into the crowd, before they ended up near the entrance ramp, with Dern hitting Simpson with a steel chair. On the entrance stage, Dern got into a car, which had been placed on the stage for decoration, and attempted to run over Simpson. Simpson avoided it, and was able to pullDern out of the car and slam him onto it. Simpson performed his Attitude Adjustment on Dern onto the car, but when Dern refused to quit, Simpson went for the move again. Dern quit, making Simpson the winner, but Simpson performed the Attitude Adjustment again anyway, sending Dern through the stage to the floor. As Simpson was celebrating retaining the championship, he was attacked by Garrett to end the show.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Over the Limit (2010) Results[edit | edit source]

# Results Stipulations
Dark Mikhail Schmalzried defeated Josh Nuss Singles Match
1 Jose Serrano defeated Dax Hoovestal (c) Singles Match for the IWE Intercontinental Championship
2 Blake Wheeler defeated Kyle Johnson Singles Match
3 Scott Wright defeated Justin Eldridge S.E.S Pledge vs. Hair Match
4 The Heart Dynasty (Tyson Booth and David Aldrich) (c) defeated Joe Smith and Kris McGowan Tag Team Match for the Unified IWE Tag Team Championship
5 Kevin McAlmond fought Edge to a double countout Singles Match
6 Big Marc defeated Charlie Wilson (c) by disqualification Singles Match for the IWE World Heavyweight Championship
7 Nicole Bergman (c) defeated Riley Singles Match for the IWE Divas Championship
8 Dustin Simpson (c) defeated Jesse Dern "I Quit" Match for the IWE Championship
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