Once Upon a Forest is a 1993 animated film directed by Charles Grovesner. This movie tells a tale about the three protagonists Abigail the Woodmouse, Russel the Hedgehog, who has an appetite for adventure, and Edgar the brave mole going on an adventureous journey to find the herbs for their sick friend Michelle, the Badger who is Cornelius's niece after the toxic accident.


Cornelius and the Furlings were on a field trip learning about everything they need in Dapplewood, until then one of the humans threw a beer bottle on the road and the truck landed on the ground and the poison gas was flowing everywhere. Michelle went searching for her parents's death, and breathed the gas on purpose. Abigail the woodmouse rescued Michelle from the fumes and the Furlings went to Cornelius's house. Cornelius told his tale about his life and how the humans got here. Cornelius told the Furlings he needed two items  Eyebright, and Lungwort and he told them the plants needed to found before the moon waxes full or it will to late for Michelle. The next mourning Cornelius gave the Furlings a map to guide them to Dapplewood Forest. That night the Furlings encountered a hungry Barn Owl,and the religous group of Wrens. Then the Furlings ecountered a bully Squirrel named Waggs who seems to have a prejudice against badgers, and Willy the love interest of Abigail. They built the Flap a Wing Ma Thing, and found the Lungwort on the cliff. While on their way home, a storm showed up, and nearly attacks them. The Humans had arrived to help the enviorment, and rescued Edgar from a Poacher's cage.Cornelius was proud of the Furlings for getting the herbs for Michelle. That Morning Michelle was better, and the other adults came home.

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