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WrestleMania III

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Tagline(s) Suck It, Your Either Nexus or Against Us
Theme song(s) "Waiting for the End" by Linkin Park
Promotion IWE Wrestling
Date April 3, 2011
Venue Civic Center
City Montana
Pay-per-view chronology
Chamber of Hell (2010) WrestleMania III No Rules (2011)
WrestleMania chronology
WrestleMania II WrestleMania III WrestleMania IV

WrestleMania III - A pay-per-view produced by the International Wrestling Entertainment it is like the Superbowl of the International Wrestling Entertainment.. Where dreams can come true. The 2011 New Year's Rumble winner advances to WrestleMania III for his shot at the IWE, World Heavyweight or the IWE Heavyweight Championship.


Since Amanda Wagner and Brenah McAlmond both won the New Year's Rumble Match at New Year's Evil they earned a shot at the IWE Divas Championship it was announced the night after New Year's Evil that the two will face the Divas Champion Brittany Mayer in a Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania III.

Dustin Simpson won the males New Year's Rumble Match, on the February First, 2011 addition of Meltdown Dustin Simpson announced that he wanted to face off for the IWE Championship currently being held by Kevin McAlmond. And after winning the Chamber of Hell Match at Chamber of Hell Kevin McAlmond will face Dustin Simpson at WrestleMania III.

On the February 22, 2011 episode of Meltdown Cody McDuffie defeated Sean Clinch, Dillon Ewals and R.J. Farrell in a Fatal Four Way Match to become the Number One contender for Mark Semmler's IWE International Championship and now the match with James Burdick and Cody McDuffie will be scheduled for the WrestleMania Three Pay-Per-View.

Dan Hooper was able to finish his number one contenders match a winner to get his first ever shot at the IWE United Nations Championship he will face the current champion James Burdick for the Championship.



The first match of the Pre-Show of WrestleMania was Nick Kessler defeat Brian Tobol in a hard fought singles match.

In the second and final match on the WrestleMania Pre-Show saw The Burdick's defeated Brian Woods and MySpace IWE Grant Boyton.

Preliminary Matches[]

The first match of the shows was the Ladder Match for the #1 Contendership to the IWE International Championship, Tarry Anderson looked to pull down the briefcase and get his shot at the Championship. But after Ryan Coster hit Tarry in the back with a Steel Chair shot and quickly climbed up the Ladder to pull down the Briefcase and to get his first-ever IWE International Championship at No Rules (2011).

The second match of the Show of Shows was a Impromptu Tag Team Match as The Nexus (Josh Erickson and Matt Borske) defeated Grant Boyton and Brian Woods. When Matt Borske hit Brian Woods with a Steel Chair and got the pinfall after that Chair shot that was heard around the world and the entire Wrestling Arena at WrestleMania!

The thrid match at WrestleMania III was for the Knockouts Championship when the current Knockouts Champion Angela McAlmond took on her challenge Jesse Glosser. The match was greatly going and was ended when Angela McAlmond hit her finisher onf Jessie to get the victory and retain her belt.

The fifth bout of the Show of Shows was for the IWE Divas Championship as the current Divas Champion Brittany Mayer had to defend against the Co-Winners of the New Year's Rumble a few months back Brenah McAlmond and Amanda Wagner as the match was a huge one, All three women were cocked and ready to become the new or retain the Divas Championship. Brenah and Brittany double teamed Amanda so many times. But after Brittany hit her finisher on Amanda, Brenah took that into great consideration and pushed Brittany out of the ring to get the pinfall victory and to win her second reign as Divas Champion at WrestleMania!

The sixth match of the Show was IWE United Nations Champion James Burdick defending the Title against a huge legend in IWE Dan Hooper, Everyone in the IWE Universe wanted to see Dan Hooper get the United Nations Championship. But after James Burdick was able to reverse the Swinging Powerbomb and nail him with a Cutter, James Burdick was able to retain the United Nations Championship. But, After the match, James Burdick showed so much respect for his opponent, Dan Hooper helping him to his feet and raises his hand in the air.

The eighth match was for the IWE International Championship as the current Champion Mark Semmler took on Cody McDuffie in a huge match-up both men ended up kicking out of each others finishing moves in the middle of the match, But in the end of the match which to the Champions that is all that counts, Mark Semmler hit his finisher three times in a row on Cody McDuffie to get the victory over Cody McDuffie and retain the International Championship at WrestleMania III.

In the ninth match in a second Impromptu match, Kris McGowan came out and told the IWE Universe that he would do anything just to take the World Championships from D-Generation X anytime, anywhere. Well DX answer by sending there Wannabe DX member out to the ring to try and fed off the former Champ. Justin Hesen came out and had a great Impromptu match but Justin Hensen was unable to put a stop to Kris McGowan wrath as Kris was able to get the roll-up victory on Justin by using the tights. After the match, DX minus, Kevin McAlmond came from the IWE Universe and attacked Kris McGowan sending him a message and say "You Will Never Take the Titles from US!"

The tenth match was for the Unified Tag Team Championships as the current Champions Matt Hooper and Josh Hooper from D-Generation X looked to keop there belts from The Nexus camp as Ryan Borske Tyler Erickson from the Nexus stable. The Nexus looked to have the Unified Tag Titles won but it was not happen as Matt Hooper reversed a Double powerbomb from Tyler Erickson and Ryan Borske. Josh Hooper slide back into the ring and the Hooper's nailed the 3D on Ryan Borske and then nailed the 3D again on Tyler Erickson. Josh Hooper covered Ryan Borske and Matt Hooper covered Tyler Erickson to get the win and retain the Unified Tag Team Championships and keep the DX championship gold alive!

Main Events[]

The first main event of this years WrestleMania, was for Kooper McAlmond's IWE Heavyweight Championship against the No. 1 contender to his Championship Chris Gomez. The match was hardly fought with both men reversing each others finishers at one point in the match but the match was stopped by Disqualification when Chris Gomez's The Korre attacked the Heavyweight Champion. Therefore, Chris Gomez retained the Championship by Disqualification. Gomez did not seem to pleased with his teammates either tonight!

The second main event of WrestleMania IIII was for the World Heavyweight Championship as the current Title holder Martin McAlmond part of the D-Generation X Faction defended his World Heavyweight Championship against the No. 1 contender to the World Heavyweight Title, Daniel Gonzalez who is apart the feuding faction, The Nexus, Martin McAlmond fought off the nexus members in the beginning of the match and in the ending of the match, Martin McAlmond was able to hit a Superkick and get his finisher on Daniel Gonzalez. Then just to show a message to the rest of the Nexus members, He made Daniel submit to the Sharpshooter!

The main event of The Show of Shows, The Showcase of the Immortals, The Grandest Stage of them all, are two former friends gone enemies. And is for the riches price on the IWE Championship the winner of the 2011 New Years Rumble and former good friend of the Champion, Dustin Simpson taking on the IWE Champion MySpace IWE Kevin McAlmond this match to end the show was a huge Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for the Title belt. Dustin Simpson took it to Kevin McAlmond in the beginning of the match, Both men using Chairs and Tables. At one point, While Dustin Simpson was down in the ring, Kevin McAlmond set up four tables outside the ring. And looked to powerbomb the Challenge from the ring through the tables but Dustin Simpson got out of that manuver, Dustin Simpson had the Champion grabbed by the neck and went for a chokeslam but Kevin McAlmond reversed with a DDT. Both men on the mat, But soon after Kevin and Dustin was back on there feet, Dustin Simpson started up the ladder for the belt after powerbombing Kevin McAlmond through one of the announce tables outside the ring, But somehow, Kevin got back into the ring, and pushed the Ladders over knocking his "Friend" off and through the four stacked tables on the outside of the ring, Crystal Simpson came into the ring but she was shoved to the outside by Kevin. The Nexus even tried to help Dustin Simpson out? But, Kevin McAlmond's D-Generation X came out and chased the Nexus from the ring. But, With both men down who would win the IWE Championship, Tables, Ladders and Chairs. Both men slowly getting to there feet. Going blow for blow with Right hands and Left hands, Just then a IWE fan! came into the ring and nailed Dustin Simpson with a Chair, But it did not faze him much, Kevin McAlmond grabbed the Steel Chair himself and smashed it, cracked it, Broke the Chair over Dustin Simpson's head. Kevin McAlmond then slowly but surely climbed the ladder, Blood leaking like a sink from his forehead and snatched up the IWE Championship to retain the IWE Championship inside one of the most bloodiful TLC Match that IWE has ever seen. The D-Generation X came to the ring and celebrated with the IWE Champion Kevin McAlmond and the IWE Fan!

WrestleMania III Card[]

# Results Stipulations
Dark Nick Kessler defeated Brian Tobol Singles Match
Dark The Burdick's defeated Brian Woods and Grant Boyton Tag Team Match
1 Ryan Coster defeated David Aldrich, Eli Eason and Tarry Anderson Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match #1 contenders match for IN Title
2 The Nexus (Josh and Matt) defeated Zack Nuss and Josh Nuss Tag Team Match
3 Angela McAlmond (c) defeated Jessie Glosser Singles Match for the Knockouts Championship
4 Kooper McAlmond (c) defeated Chris Gomez by disqualification Singles Match for the Heavyweight Championship
5 Brenah McAlmond defeated Brittany Mayer (c) and Amanda Wagner Triple Threat Match for the Divas Championship
6 James Burdick (c) defeated Dan Hooper Singles Match for the United Nations Championship
7 Martin McAlmond (c) defeated Daniel Gonzalez Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
8 Mark Semmler (c) defeated Cody McDuffie Singles Match for the International Championship
9 Kris McGowan defeated Justin Hensen Singles Match
10 The Hooper's (Matt and Josh) (c) defeated The Nexus (Ryan and Tyler) Tag Team Match for the Unified Tag Team Championship
11 Kevin McAlmond (c) defeated Dustin Simpson (w/ Crystal) Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for the IWE Championship