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(MySpace) IWE Dynasty
Format Sports Entertainment
Professional Wrestling
Created by Mr. McAlmond
General Manager Anonymous
Starring Dynasty Brand
Opening theme "Beautiful" by Eminem
Country of origin Internet
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes Unknown
Executiveproducer(s) Kevin Dunn
Producer(s) Unknown
Camera setup Unknown
Running time 2 Hours
Productioncompany(s) IWE Wrestling
Original channel MySpace.com (2009 - January 1, 2010)
Unknown (January 1, 2010 - Present)
Picture format Unknown
Original run 209 – present
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Dynasty - A weekly show that is played on Wednesday Night, The event is produced International Wrestling Entertainment the current IWE Champion is Kevin McAlmond the Dynasty is International Wrestling Entertainment's first show they had in 2009. Before becoming a two show event. Dynasty is the Number one show in the International Wrestling Entertainment.

Show History[]

(MySpace) IWE Wrestling (2009-2010)[]

The International Wrestling Entertainment was started in 2008, when Brian McAlmond held the first show on Monday Night. The (MySpace) IWE Wrestling would take off from there. When Brian announced two General Managers for each show, His youngest son Kevin McAlmond and his oldest son Martin McAlmond. The two would be General Managers through the rest of 2008 to around Mid-2009. When Brian McAlmond came back to the IWE to take over, Moving his son's active wrestlings during this time Kevin McAlmond won the IWE and World Heavyweight Championship and even hold the Unified Tag Team Championship

By 2009, A announcement was made by IWE Owner, Brian McAlmond that a second show would be added the know was later known as Friday Night Turbo. The show went off just like Monday Night Dynasty. Brian McAlmond would keep the show going. Martin McAlmond would win the World Heavyweight Championship from Dustin Simpson at a house show and then get drafted to Friday Night Turbo taking the World Heavyweight Championship with him also, The shock of the world happen that same night at the first ever (MySpace) IWE Wrestling, The McAlmond's would be split up for the first time in there Legendary career. World Heavyweight Champion Martin McAlmond would (as i stated earlier) be drafted to Friday Night Turbo and former IWE Champion and former World Heavyweight Champion Kevin McAlmond would be drafted to Monday Night Dynasty. This would shocked the entire IWE world when this was shown and announced on the special three hour draft Dynasty.

During the Draft on April 6, 2009, Martin McAlmond would also shock the entire World by costing his own brother the IWE Championship against rival and then-champion Matt Borske. But this trigered Kevin McAlmond to cost Martin McAlmond his World Heavyweight Championship to Dustin Simpson that same night.

October 11, 2009, on Monday Night Dynasty it was announced that the Owner of the IWE Brian McAlmond had passed away. this death shattered the IWE for a month or two as the entire company shut down. Until the Wife of Brian McAlmond took it under her own wing to bring IWE back up as she was brought in to be the new Owner of (MySpace) International Wrestling Entertainment.

November 23, 2009 on the last Dynasty on Monday Night's, Glennda McAlmond announced that the event Dynasty was officially moved to Wednesday Night and Turbo was moved from Friday Night to Saturday Night. Glennda also announced two Championship for each show on there first airs on Wednesday and Saturday. the first Dynasty of Wednesday Night's IWE Champion Matt Borske would defend the Championship in a rematch from the Draft against long, long time rival, Kevin McAlmond who won the IWE Championship. And on the first Turbo of Saturday Night's Dustin Simpson with wife Crystal Simpson faced off against Martin McAlmond for the World Heavyweight Championship in a No Holds Barred Match in which was won by World Champion Dustin Simpson. But at the ppv the title was won by Martin McAlmond in a Fatal Four Way Match for the World Heavyweight Championship. The ending of 2009 saw new Champions crowned. Promotions battle it out in one ring, for it all.

December 30, 2009, The final Dynasty of 2009, Kevin McAlmond announced the new look to "His" new IWE Championship. Also he had to defend the IWE Championship in a Triple Threat Match against Matt Borske and Daniel Gonzalez.

That same night new Unifed Tag Team Champions and World Tag Team Champions were crownd. But stripped right after that. The end of the 2009 (MySpace) IWE era. Was just the start for the new version for the 2010 (MySpace) IWE!

2010, Saw All titles be vacated to new Champions crowned to The Nexus coming into the company beating down both World Champions, Tag Team Champions, and The Nexus Divas beat down on the Divas and Knockouts Champions. The IWE ends its 2010 timing has come by shock and awe when IWE Champion Kevin McAlmond and Divas Champion Brittany Mayer took a liking to one another. Now inching to 2011.

(MySpace) IWE Wrestling (2011-)[]

Special Episodes[]


Championships Current Champion Date Won Event Won Previous Champion
IWE Championship Kevin McAlmond 10/24/2010 RNTC Vacant
Divas Championship Brenah McAlmond 4/3/2011 WrestleMania III Brittany Mayer
United Nation Championship James Burdick 1/30/2011 NYE '11 Steve Britz
Unified Tag Team Championship The Hooper's 10/24/2010 RNTC Vacant