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|Box title = Victoria Lehr
|image =
|caption = Victoria as the Divas Champion
|Row 1 title = <strong>Ring Names</strong>
|Row 1 info = <strong>Victoria Lehr</strong><br>
|Row 2 title = Height
|Row 2 info = 5 foot 5 inches
|Row 3 title = Weight
|Row 3 info = ? Pounds
|Row 4 title = <strong>Born</strong>
|Row 4 info = October 17, ???? (age 22)<br>Montana
|Row 5 title = <strong>Trained by</strong>
|Row 5 info = [[MySpace IWE Brian McAlmond|Brian McAlmond]]<br>
[[MySpace IWE Martin McAlmond|Martin McAlmond]]
|Row 6 title = <strong>Debut</strong>
|Row 6 info = 2009}}'''Victoria Lehr''' is a professional wrestling diva that currently words for the [[MySpace International Wrestling Entertainment|International Wrestling Entertainment]] (IWE). She is part of the [[MySpace IWE Wednesday Night Dynasty|Dynasty brand]] where she is a former [[List of IWE Divas Champions|2 time]] [[My Space IWE Divas Championship|IWE Divas Championship]]. She is also a member of the [[MySpace IWE Female Nexus|Diva Nexus]] which is also apart of the [[MySpace IWE Nexus|Nexus]] stable.
==Professional wrestling career==
===='''Divas Champion (2009)'''====
===='''Dating Kevin McAlmond and second reign as Divas Champion (2010)'''====
===='''Female/Divas Nexus leader (2011-present)'''====
==In Wrestling==
==Championship and Accomplishments==
*'''[[MySpace International Wrestling Entertainment|International Wrestling Entertainment]]'''
**[[My Space IWE Divas Championship|IWE Divas Championship]] ([[List of IWE Divas Champions|2 time]])

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