Throw the Rules Out (2010)

Promotional poster featuring verious IWE Superstars

Theme song(s) "???"
Promotion IWE Wrestling
Date February 21, 2010
Attendance 100
Venue Circus Theatre
City Montana
Pay-per-view chronology
WrestleMania 2 Throw the Rules Out (2010) No Limits (2010)
Throw the Rules Out chronology
Throw the Rules Out (2009 Throw the Rules Out (2010) Last

Throw the Rules Out (2010)

The 2010, Throw the Rules Out had many matches set for but the one that was remembered was the Main event for the World Tag Team Championship, IWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship. International Wrestling Entertainment keeps the titles or The Nexus got all titles. The McAlmond's came to fight The Nexus' Daniel and Matt.




Throw the Rules Out (2010) Results

# Matches Stipulations
1 Chris Gomez defeated Kris McGowan Extreme Rules Match
2 Jared Hunt defeated Scott Hunter Tables Match
3 Ryan Borske defeated Joe Smith (c) and Derrick Reich (with Crystal) Triple Threat Ladder Match for the International Championship
4 Ryan Barnhart (c) defeated Nick Kessler Extreme Rules Match for the United Nations Championship
5 Matt and Josh Hooper (c) defeated Ryan G. and Ryan B. Ladder Match for the Unified Tag Team Championship
6 Grant Boyton defeated Jared Keller Chairs Match
7 Kevin (IWE) (Tag Team) and Martin (World) (Tag Team) defeated Daniel and Matt TLC Match for the World Tag Team Titles, World Heavyweight Title and IWE Title
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