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The McAlmond's
Kevin and Martin McAlmond as the World Tag Team Championship

Current Member(s)

Glennda McAlmond (leader)
Kevin McAlmond
Martin McAlmond
Angela McAlmond
Kooper McAlmond
Kiela Belgarde
Chris LeGreca

Other Name(s)

Kevin and Martin McAlmond
Evolution (as a group)
The McAlmond's The McAlmond Family

The McAlmond's are two brothers in the International Wrestling Entertainment. The currently hold the World TItles for Dynasty brand and the Turbo brand they also hold the World Tag Team Championship as a team.

Professtional Wrestling Career[]

Debut of The McAlmond (2009-Present)[]

After months of fighting and feuding, Martin McAlmond finally teamed up with his brother Kevin McAlmond at the Rage in the Cage (2009). Where they won the World Tag Team Championship and would team from there on.

In Wrestling[]

Championships and Accomplishments[]