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Soul Survivor (2009)

Promotional poster featuring the Hell in a Cell

Theme song(s) "???"
Promotion IWE Wrestling
Date November 22, 2009
Attendance 100
Venue Circus Theatre
City Montana
Pay-per-view chronology
Bragging Rites (2009) Soul Survivor (2009) Extreme Tables, Ladders & Chairs (2009)
Soul Survivor chronology
First Soul Survivor (2009) Soul Survivor (2010)

Soul Survivor (2009) - Is a Professional Wrestling (on the internet) Entertainment. Soul Survivor 2009 consisted of 5 Matches with three Championships on the line. In the ppv Kevin McAlmond announced that he was taking over the IWE Bussiness. The Traditional Soul Survivor Elimination Tag Team Match where Team Borske took on Team Boyton with Team Borske taking the victory. At this time Kevin was a non-wrestler due to sastaining a serious neck injury. But was give the Ownership by his the Board due to the passing of his father Brian McAlmond it was set to be Martin McAlmond getting the job, But Martin turned the offer down.


Preliminary Matches[]

One of the first of five matches was a Singles Match pitting Will Kapphan and Matt Garr with the winner fighting for a Championship of there choice at any time in there career. The match was won by Will Kapphan who brought his own Championship to the IWE. The title is known as the NWE Championship.

The second of five matches was for the Knockouts Championship it was Angela McAlmond versus the Knockouts Champion Brittany Mayer in a Singles Match where the winner would become new IWE Knockouts Champion. Martin was with Angela and Kevin was with Brittany at this time as there managers. The match was won by Angela McAlmond who become the Knockouts Champion. The four shook hands, hugged and went there way out of the ring leaving only Martin and Angela McAlmond in the ring to celebrate with the Knockouts Championship.

The third match was for the International Championship where the International Champion Joe Linderman took on Joe Smith for the Title. The match was won by Joe Smith winning the International Championship. Thanks to outside interference from Joe's girl Katie Barnhart. Who distracting Joe with a topless undercover, allowing Joe to hit his finisher and become the International Champion.

Main Event Matches[]

The First of two Main event Matches was a Soul Survivor Elimination Tag Team Match with Team Borske that consisted of (Matt Borske, Ryan Borske, Josh Erickson, Tyler Erickson and Brian Woods) versusing the Team Boyton who consisted of, (Grant Boyton, Nick Kessler, Kevin Ward and Kevin Judge). The five man team went had it like tooth and nails, Team Borske won when Grant Boyton turned on his own team allowing Matt Borske to get the final pin on Nick Kessler.

The Main event was a Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship where the match was set up to be a No Disqualification but that was changed by the General Manager Hulk Hogan. During the Match Quinn Noel and Nick Kessler saved the title for Will Kapphan when they interfered the match ended in a Disqualification, Hogan knew what he was doing keeping the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. Thus also starting Immortal in IWE. But then after the match it was former IWE Champion Kevin McAlmond returning to attack Will Kapphan, Quinn Noel and Nick Kessler even hitting Hogan in the jaw with a right hand.

Soul Survivor (2009) Results[]

# Matches Stipulations
1 Will Kapphan vs. Matt Garr Singles Match
2 Angela McAlmond defeated Brittany Bayer (c) Singles Match for the Knockouts Championship
3 Joe Smith defeated Ryan Barnhart (c) Singles Match for the International Championship
4 Team Borske (Matt, Ryan, Josh, Tyler and Brian) defeated Team Boyton (Grant, Nick, Quinn, Kevin and Kevin) Traditional Soul Survivor Elimination Tag Team Match
5 Matt Hooper defeated Will Kapphan (c) by disqualification Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship