No Limits (2009)

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Promotional poster featuring Race Car and Kevin McAlmond

Theme song(s) "Break the Rules"
Promotion IWE Wrestling
Date June 7, 2009
Attendance 100
Venue Circus Theatre
City Montana
Pay-per-view chronology
Throw the Rules Out (2009) No Limit (2009 Deuces 4-Wilde (2009)
No Limit chronology
First No Limit (2009) No Limit (2010)

No Limit (2009) A Pay-Per-View produced by International Wrestling Entertainment it was the first No Limit of that the International Wrestling Entertainment ever produced. there was, Eight Matches on this event, Four of the IWE Titles were on the line, the IWE Championship, World Championship, World Tag Team Championship and the Divas Championship were the four Championships that were on the line at the first No Limit event in 2009

Background[edit | edit source]

Event[edit | edit source]

Preliminary Matches[edit | edit source]

The first match on the card was a One one One Singles Match between Kevin Ward and Kevin Judge the match was on as both men battled it out inside the ring until Kevin Ward tossed Kevin Judge to the outside the battle began again outside of the ring as both men would battle through the fans finally getting counted out while fighting the crowd at the arena. The battle continued even with the count-out already happening.

The second match on the card was another Singles Match was between Matt Borske versus Will Kapphan. Both men fought back and forth in the ring as they started in the center of the ring but ended up in the corner, Matt would slap on a Ankle Lock that was sure to win him the match but Will Kapphan found a way out of it. Will Kapphan had the match won by pinfall but Matt Borske was to close to the ropes. The end came when Ryan Borske came in behind the referee's back and hit Will Kapphan in the back of the head with a steel chair allowing Matt Borske to get the pinfall and win in this match.

Main Event Matches[edit | edit source]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

No Limits (2009) Results[edit | edit source]

# Matches Stipulations
1 Kevin Ward fought Kevin Judge to a double countout Singles Match
2 Matt Borske defeated Will Kapphan Singles Match
3 Josh and Tyler Erickson defeated Nick Kessler and Quinn Noel Tag Team Match for the World Tag Team Championship
4 Martin McAlmond (c) defeated Will Hughes Singles Match for the IWE Championship
5 Ryan Borske defeated Dan Hooper Singles Match
6 Will Kapphan defeated Zack Nuss by disqualification Singles Match
7 Angela LeGreca (c) defeated Victoria Lehr Singles Match for the Divas Championship
8 Kevin McAlmond (c) defeated Matt Hooper and Matt Borske Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
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