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Daniel Gonzalez
Matt Borske
Ryan Borske
Josh Erickson
Tyler Erickson
Ryan Gleason
Brian Tobol
Jason Downing
Denise Lynn

Former Names(s)


Former Member(s)

Jared Hunt


October 24, 2010


International Wrestling Entertainment

Formation of the Nexus[]

The formation of the Nexus came from a IWE Superstar by the name of Daniel Gonzalez. He was upset about the relationship of Kevin McAlmond and Victoria Lehr was going down the drain. Daniel would get the balls to join up with a few of Kevin's enemies during the time and get them for a attack on Saturday Night Dynasty. In witch was successful putting Kevin McAlmond out of action for a week or two. Kevin returned with a vengeance at the week before Cage of Hell Pay per view and challenge Daniel to a match inside satans structure. Where Daniel was defeated by Kevin McAlmond.

Meltdown Debut[]

Turbo Debut[]

Feud with IWE Wrestling[]

Since there formation, Daniel and his Nexus have bullied the IWE area. So much that it has wound up in a huge. Feuding with the likes of IWE stars, Kevin McAlmond, Martin McAlmond, Dustin Simpson, Jesse Dern, Matt Hooper, Josh Hooper, and even former Nexus member Jared Hunt and even Chris LeGreca. They have feuded with every main Superstar in IWE Wrestling today.

Feud with Kevin McAlmond[]

Members of neXus[]

Members Date
Daniel Gonzalez October 24, 2010 - Present
Matt Borske October 24, 2010 - Present
Josh Erickson October 24, 2010 - Present
Ryan Borske October 24, 2010 - Present
Ryan Gleason October 24, 2010 - Present
Tyler Erickson October 24, 2010 - Present
Brian Tobol October 24, 2010 - Present
Jason Downing May 25, 2011 - Present
Denise Lynn May 25, 2011 - Present

Former Members[]

Former Members Date
Jared Hunt October 24, 2010 - November 3, 2010

In Wrestling[]

  • Finishing Moves
    • Daniel Gonzalez
      • Sitdown Powerbomb
      • Spike Piledriver
    • Matt Borske
      • Full Nelson Slam
    • Josh Erickson
      • Erickson Stunner
    • Ryan Borske
      • Double Powerbomb
    • Ryan Gleason
      • Shake Rattle & Roll
    • Tyler Erickson
      • Chokeslam
      • Double Handed Chokeslam
    • Brian Tobol
      • Double Arm DDT
      • Tobol-Switch (Killswitch)
    • Jason Downing
      • Downing Cutter (Diamond Cutter
    • Denise Lynn
      • LynnKick (Chickkick)

Championships and accomplishments[]