New Year's Evil (2009)
Promotional poster featuring The IWE Superstars
Theme song (s) "Control" by Puddle of Mudd
Promotion IWE Wrestling
Brands (s) Dynasty
Date January 25, 2009
Attendance 400
Venue Circus Theatre
City Montana
Pay-per-view chronology
First New Year's Evil (2009) Chamber of Hell (2009)
New Year's Evil chronology
First New Year's Evil (2009) New Year's Evil (2010)

New Year's Evil debut in 2009, With that it debut a match where 30 men went to the ring for a chance for a Main event Championship shot at WrestleMania; The Showcase... of the Immoral. The 2009 New Year's Rumble was won by new Superstar Kevin McAlmond witch meant that he had a IWE or World Heavyweight Championship coming his way at the first ever WrestleMania.. But to what Championship he would choose from.

The first of two Heavyweight bouts was a Brother vs. Brother Steel Cage Match with the IWE Championship on the line as Billy McAlmond defended the IWE Championship against his brother, Brian McAlmond. The match was won by Brian McAlmond this would be his first IWE Championship he has held.

The second of two Heavyweight bouts was a Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship, Where World Heavyweight Champion Dan Hooper took on Matt Borske. The match was won by Dan Hooper after a hard fought battle with blood being spread in this one.

In other Matches. Will Kapphan successfully defended his United Nations Championship against Nick Kessler. Matt Borske and Josh Erickson would defend the World Tag Team Championships against two good friends Robert Rogge and Josh Hooper and successfully retain the World Tag Team Championships. In another match, Kris McGowan defended the International Championship against Zack Nuss and beat him to retain the International Championship.

Background[edit | edit source]

Event[edit | edit source]

Main Events[edit | edit source]

IWE Championship Main Event[edit | edit source]

Two brother's battled for the IWE Championship as Brian McAlmond and Billy McAlmond came to the New Year's Evil 2009. A family issue made these two do some battle. And what a match it was at the New Year's Evil. The IWE Championship changed hands at the 2009 New Year's Evil!! Brian McAlmond was able to squeeze out a victory over his brother Billy McAlmond

World Championship Main Event[edit | edit source]

The World Heavyweight Championship was also on the line when Dan Hooper faced off against his Number One Contender, Matt Borske over the World Heavyweight Championship, This match got way to personal as leading up to the event Matt Borske went low enough to go to Dan Hooper's own home to beat down the Champion. But it was reverse the Wednesday before the event Dan Hooper went to Matt Borske's backyard and went to his home to beat Matt Borske down.

New Year's Evil (2009) Results[edit | edit source]

# Matches Stipulations
1 Will Kapphan (c) defeated Nick Kessler Singles Match for the United Nations Championship
2 Matt Borske and Josh Erickson (c) defeated Robert Rogge and Josh Hooper Tag Team Match for the World Tag Team Championship
3 Kris McGowan (c) defeated Zack Nuss Singles Match for the International Championship
4 Brian McAlmond defeated Billy McAlmond (c) Steel Cage Match for the IWE Championship
5 Dan Hooper (c) defeated Matt Borske Ladder Match for the World Championship
6 Kevin McAlmond last eliminated Jared Hunt to win 2009 New Year's Rumble Match

New Year's Rumble Entrants and Eliminations[edit | edit source]

Draw Entrant Brand Order Eliminated by
1 Kevin Ward Dynasty 3 Steve Britz
2 Kevin Judge Turbo 4 Josh Hooper
3 Grant Boyton Dynasty 1 Nick Pollington
4 Nathan Blackburn Turbo 6 Kevin McAlmond
5 Zack Nuss Dynasty 2 Nick Pollington
6 Jared Hunt Turbo 29 Kevin McAlmond
7 Steve Britz Dynasty 5 Martin McAlmond
8 Martin McAlmond Turbo 28 Jared Hunt
9 Brandon Martin Dynasty 8 Kevin Mcalmond
10 Kevin McAlmond Turbo N/A WINNER
11 Steven Larson Dynasty 7 Matt & Josh Hooper
12 Will Kapphan Turbo 13 Kevin McAlmond
13 Chris Gomez Dynasty 9 Kevin & Martin McAlmond
14 Mikhail Schmalzried Turbo 14 Jared Hunt
15 Michael Fonger Dynasty 12 Will Kapphan
16 Aaron Schmalzried Turbo 1 Brandon Martin
17 Cooper McAlmond Dynasty 15 Kevin McAlmond
18 Josh Hooper Turbo 11 Will Kapphan
19 Ryan Borske Dynasty 23 Kevin McAlmond
20 Matt Hooper Turbo 17 Jared Hunt
21 Nick Kessler Dynasty 26 Kevin McAlmond
22 Daniel Gonzalez Turbo 19 Kevin McAlmond
23 Josh Erickson Dynasty 24 Tyler Erickson
24 Tyler Erickson Dynasty 27 Jared Hunt
25 Jared Keller Turbo 20 Martin McAlmond
26 Matt Goldes Turbo 16 Josh Erickson
27 Nick Pollington Turbo 21 Josh Erickson
28 Josh Nuss Turbo 25 Kevin McAlmond
29 Tom Larson Dynasty 18 Michael Fonger
30 Wes Helbucsh Dynast 22 Martin McAlmond
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