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New Year's Evil (2011)
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Promotional poster featuring various Kevin McAlmond with the IWE Championship and Brittany Mayer

Promotion International Wrestling Entertainment
Date January 30, 2011
Venue Circus Theatre
City Montana
Pay-per-view chronology
Extreme IWE TLC New Year's Evil (2011) Chamber of Hell (2011)
New Year's Evil chronology
New Year's Evil (2010) New Year's Evil (2011) New Year's Evil (2012)

New Year's Evil (2011) will once again hold the New Year's Rumble. Only two New Year's Evil Pay-Per-View's have been produced by the International Wrestling Entertainment. The 2009 New Year's Rumble saw the rise of Kevin McAlmond and the 2010 New Year's Rumble was won by Nexus leader, Daniel Gonzalez. Who will win the 2011 New Year's Rumble. Both the IWE Championship and the IWE World Championship will be on the line at this year's New Year's Evil.


The First New Year's Evil consised of two World Championship Matches and a New Year's Rumble where the winner would move to the Main Event for a World Championship shot at a title of his choice (IWE or World Championship).

This year it will be a little different 10 Superstars from Dynasty, 10 Superstars from Turbo and 10 Superstars from the new show, Meltdown. The winner of this years New Year's Rumble will have his choice at three Championships, the IWE Championship, World Championship or the IWE Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania III

Ten Superstars from three shows will battle it out in the 2011 New Years Evil's second annual New Year's Rumble where the winner will recieve a Championship Opportunity at his choice of a World Heavyweight Championship Match at WrestleMania. The past two year's a new Winner Came, 2009 was won by Kevin McAlmond and the 2010 Rumble was on by Nexus leader Daniel Gonzalez. Who will win the New Year's Rumble this year and claim a shot at a Title at WrestleMania III.

On December 27, 2010 for the debut episode of Meltdown the anonymous General Manager of Dynasty announced a Tag Team Match that will be a first ever in IWE as it can be Women vs. Man or Women vs. Women or Man vs. Man in this Tag Team Match. The GM announced that the IWE Champion Kevin McAlmond and the Divas Champion Brittany Mayer will team to face two good friends in International Champion Ryan Barnhart and his girlfriend Brooke Petek with the IWE Championship and the Divas Championship both on the line with the winning team getting both Championship belts.

On the December 29, 2010 episode of Dynasty and New Year's Rumble for the Divas and Knockouts where the winning Diva or Knockouts would get a shot at anyone of the two Women's Championship. Also announced was a match for the International Championship. Dustin Simpson announced his title shot that he won, He cashed in his opportunity at New Year's Evil for the Championship against Ryan Barnhart.

On the January 1, 2011 episode of Turbo a Triple Threat Match for the Knockout Championship where Kassi Austin and Kaila Matteson challenges the Knockouts Champion Angela McAlmond for the Title.

On the January 12, 2011 episode Dynasty held a Fatal Four Way Match with James Burdick getting the clean victory over the other three superstars in the match now at New Year's Evil James will get a shot at the United Nations Championship against the current Champion Steve Britz.



New Year's Evil (2011) Card[]

# Matches Stipulations
1 Amanda & Brenah Co-Won the New Year's Rumble Divas/Knockouts New Year's Rumble Match
2 Dustin Simpson defeated Ryan Barnhart (c) Singles Match for the International Championship
3 Angela (c) deated Kassi and Kaila 3 Way Match for the Knockouts Championship
4 James Burdick defeated Steve Britz (c) Singles Match for the United Nations Championship
5 Kooper McAlmond defeated Chris LeGreca Singles Match for the new Heavyweight Championship
6 Dustin Simpson won by last eliminating Levi Wagner 40-Man New Year's Rumble Match
7 Kevin (c) and Brittany (c) defeated Ryan and Brooke Tag Team Match for the IWE Championship and Divas Championship

30-Women New Year's Evil[]

# Entry Brand Order Eliminated By
1 Victoria Lehr Dynasty 28 Amanda Wagner & Brenah McAlmond
2 Kalee Carroll Dynasty 4 Victoria Lehr
3 Nicole Lay Meltdown 1 Kalee Caroll
4 Brooke Slevin Turbo 2 Victoria Lehr
5 Taylor Yanzick Meltdown 3 Victoria Lehr
6 Katie Mansfield Dynasty 5 Kaila Matteson
7 Arynn Darfler Turbo 10 Victoria Lehr
8 Katie Boland Metdown 9 Brenah McAlmond
9 Nicole Robertson Turbo 6 Kassi Austin
10 Kaila Matteson Dynasty 11 Brenah McAlmond
11 Alexandra Clark Meltdown 7 Brenah McAlmond
12 Jessie Glosser Turbo 8 Brenah McAlmond
13 Kassi Austin Dynasty 16 Amanda Wagner
14 Kelsi Brekke Meltdown 12 Brenah McAlmond
15 Shayla Hunt Turbo 13 Victoria Lehr
16 Brenah McAlmond Dynasty - Co-Winner
17 Alicia Aldrich Meltdown 14 Kassi Austin
18 Kelsey Carter Turbo 15 Kassi Austin
19 Crystal Simpson Dynasty 21 Amanda Wagner
20 Shaylyon Layton Meltdown 17 Brenah McAlmond
21 Brittany Fitte Turbo 19 Amanda Wagner
22 Sarah Hicks Dynasty 18 Victoria Lehr
23 Autumn Powers Meltdown 20 Amanda Wagner
24 Jessica Lahr Turbo 23 Brenah McAlmond
25 Amanda Wagner Dynasty - Co-Winner
26 Sara Rummel Meldown 22 Victoria Lehr
27 Emily Fisher Turbo 24 Brenah McAlmond
28 Denise Lynn Dynasty 25 Amanda Wagner
29 Brooke Sampson Meltdown 26 Brenah McAlmond
30 Sari Pasma Dynasty 27 Amanda Wagner

(Male Rumble) Entrants and Eliminations[]

# Entry Brand Order Eliminated by
1 Steve Britz Dynasty 5 Colton Sherley
2 Justin Eldridge Turbo 1 Britz & Woods
3 Brian Woods Meltdown 7 Colton Sherley
4 Stephen Wolhers Dynasty 3 Tobol & Woods
5 Brian Tobol Turbo 18 Dustin Simpson
6 Chris Truscott Meltdown 2 Morgan Lewis
7 Brian Eicholz Dynasty 6 Colton Sherley
8 Morgan Lewis Turbo 4 Brian Eicholtz
9 Bradlee Wohl Meltdown 12 Dustin Simpson
10 Colton Sherley Dynasty 15 Dustin Simpson
11 Ryna Lorenz Turbo 7 Brian Eicholtz
12 Tanner Norum Meltdown 13 Dustin Simpson
13 Blake Wheeler Dynasty 16 Dustin Simpson
14 Ryan Gleason Turbo 8 Dustin Simpson
15 Tyler Siva Meltdown 11 Brian Eicholtz
16 Dustin Simpson Dynasty - Winner
17 Chris Wheat Turbo 10 Dustin Simpson
18 Andrew Wolf Meltdown 17 Tom Stahr
19 Luke Maleski Dynasty 9 Brian Eicholtz
20 Jesse Skonberg Turbo 19 Tom Stahr
21 Andrew Sekora Meltdown 14 Brian Eicholtz
22 Tom Stahr Dynasty 22 Dustin Simpson
23 Shawn Adams Turbo 26 Dustin Simpson
24 Charliee Lynch Meltdown 21 Charlie Lynch
25 Nick Pollington Dynasty 25 Charlie Lynch
26 Matt Goldes Turbo 28 Dustin Simpson
27 Dylan Raplay Meltdown 23 Charlie Lynch
28 Brett Nelson Dynasty 24 Charlie Lynch
29 Tarry Anderson Turbo 27 Dustin Simpson
30 Brett Hall Meltdown 33 Levi Wagner
31 Sean Clinch Dynasty 29 Dustin Simpson
32 Levi Wagner Turbo 39 Dustin Simpson
33 Charlie Wilson Meltdown 20 Dustin Simpson
34 Devin Keller Dynasty 34 Levi Wagner
35 Justin Warren Turbo 30 Dustin Simpson
36 Chris Lustgraff Meltdown 35 Levi Wagner
37 Cody McDuffie Dynasty 31 Levi Wagner
38 Phillip Legg Turbo 36 Dustin Simpson
39 Nick Leeds Meltdown 32 Dustin Simpson
40 Eli Eason Dynasty 37 Levi Wagner


  • 10 DynastySuperstars, 10 TurboSuperstars and 10 MeltdownSuperstars enter this yrs New Year's Rumble!
  • 15 Dynasty Divas and 15 Turbo Divas enter the New Year's Rumble!