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The Korre


Chris Gomez
Skyler Angove
Conor Dolan
Kallen Kleinschimdt

Former Names

  • The Corre
  • The Korre

Former Members

Michael Fonger


March 8, 2011


International Wrestling Entertainment

The Korre (formerly known as The Corre) is a faction that debut on March 8, 2010. When Chris Gomez announced the name and members of the group. The members include; Skyler Angove, Conor Dolan and Kallen Kleinschimdt. On April 28, 2011, Michael Fonger was drafted to Saturday Night Turbo therefore ending his time in the Korre.

International Wrestling Entertainment[]

Debut (2011-Present)[]

Chris Gomez debuted The Korre on Wednesday Night DYNASTY he named the team and announced the members of the group. The Korre debuted as a faction at the end of the show in a Fifteen-Man Tag Team Match where The Korre faced off against The Nexus and Evolution but were defeated by Evolution in the match.