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Kooper McAlmond

Ring Name(s)

Kooper McAlmond




??? Pounds


January 15 ????

Trained by

Kevin McAlmond
Kevin Hunter



Kooper McAlmond - (Born January 5) Is a professional wrestling currently singed as a Meltdown Superstar under the International Wrestling he is also the current reigning IWE Heavyweight Champion and is the first IWE Heavyweight Champion also.

Debut (2011)[]

Kooper McAlmond made his IWE debut when he helped his cousion Kevin McAlmond retain the IWE Championship over Daniel Gonzalez after htting Daniel Gonzalez with the "Kooper Kennel" and rolling Kevin McAlmond over to the quick cover making it out of the ring and letting the referee count the three count and declare Kevin McAlmond as "Still IWE Champion."

Tournament Entry Made (Beginning of 2011 - January 30, 2011)[]

Kooper McAlmond was entered in the IWE Heavyweight Championship on the first night of the tournament where he defeated a former World Champion Chris Gomez by pinfall after hitting his finisher "The Kooper Kennel."

The second week of the IWE Heavyweight Championship Tournament where he was able to over come the undefeated James Burdick and end his 4 and 0 winning streak for the first time. After rolling him up into a Cradle for the win.

In the third week of the IWE Heavvyweight Championship Tournament, where he went up against Quinn Noel and was able to hit a tope rope DDT! To get the win on him to advance in the IWE Heavyweight Championship tournament.

In the fourth week of the Heavyweight Championship Tournament, Kooper McAlmond was able to over come the size of Brandon Martin who was clearly on the way of winning and advancing if it was not for the debuting of Kooper McAlmond's girlfriend, Kiela Belgarde who distracted the referee, so that Kooper McAlmond hit Brandon Martin in the skull with a steel chair and allowing Kooper McAlmond to also hitting Brandon Martin to hit a Kooper Kennel for the win and to advance to the Final Round of the IWE Heavyweight Championship and would be facing the winner of the other Quarter-Finals Match for the IWE Heavyweight Championship.

In the Finals of the IWE Heavyweight Championship it was Kooper McAlmond would take on Chris LeGreca at the pay-per-view, New Year's Evil where Kooper McAlmond would be able to defeat Chris LeGreca one on one at New Year's Evil to become the first ever, IWE Heavyweight Champion.

In Wrestling[]

  • Finishing Moves
    • Kooper Kennel (Shake Rattle and Roll)
    • KooperBomb' (Sitdown Powerbomb)
  • Managers
  • Nicknames
    • Koopster
    • The Koop
  • Entrance Themes
    • Waste by Seether (during his debut)
    • Breakdown by Seether

Championships and Accomplishments[]