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High Limits (2011)

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Promotion International Wrestling Enter.
Date May 22, 2011
Venue Circus Theatre
City Montana
Pay-per-view chronology
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High Limit is a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) produced by the International Wrestling Entertainment.


On the May 10, 2011 episode of Meltdown a Battle royal took place as 20-Superstars went to war. Only one would survivor. However, for the first time in Tuesday Night Meltdown history. Now the IWE Heavyweight Champion Kooper McAlmond will now take on Brandon Martin and The Nexus leader Daniel Gonzalez. All three men will battle in a Triple threat match with Kooper's Heavyweight Championship on the line on May 22, 2011.

The second match scheduled for High Limit was the match for the IWE international Championship, A second Battle Royal was scheduled on the May 11, 2011 this time for a shot at the IWE International Championship. Rick Pembroke was able to over come the Battle Royal. The final four participates were Brandon Claassen, Kyle Hollowell, Rick Pembroke and Josh Cope. The match was held on a episode of Dynasty.

Also another match scheduled for High Limits, On the May 14, 2011 episode of Turbo, The Diva Nexus came out and announced that they wanted there two now Co-Leaders to get shots at the IWE Divas Championship and the IWE Knockouts Championship. However, that was stopped shot when the for now Intirm General Manager Kevin McAlmond and he announced they will be in a Tag team match but there opponents are unknown until futher noticed by the current Intirm GM or Annonymous GM.



# Match Stipulations
1 Blake Wheeler defeated Dax Hoovestall Singles match for the IWE Television Championship
2 Mark Semmler (c) defeated Rick Pembroke Singles match for the IWE Intercontinental Championship
3 Denise Lynn and Alicia Rameriz defeated Diva Nexus (Amanda Johnson and Victoria Lehr) Tag team match
4 Kooper McAlmond (c) defeated Brandon Martin and Daniel Gonzalez Triple threat match for the IWE Heavyweight Championship
5 Amber Martin defeated Kiela Belgarde Singles match match for the IWE Women's Championship
6 James Burdick (c) defeated Jesse Dern and Matt Borske Triple threat match for the IWE United Nations Championship
7 Brett Nelson and Jon Rispen defeated The Nexus (c) (Ryan Borske and Tyler Erickson) by disqualification Tag tem match for the MD Tag Team Championship
8 Diana Stonehouse defeated Kaila Matteson and Amy Ketchum Inter-brand Triple threat match
9 Kevin McAlmond (c) defeated Daniel Gonzalez Ladder match for the IWE Championship
10 Martin McAlmond (c) defeated Rob Truax Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship