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No Limit Story[]

There has only been two No Limit in the entire pay per views of the International Wrestling Entertainment Wrestling both events have been main evented by the World Heavyweight Championship in 2009 when Kevin McAlmond defended it in a Triple Threat Match against Matt Borske and Matt Hooper. and in 2010 the main even was for the IWE Championship which saw Kevin McAlmond defend the title in another Triple Threat Match when he faced off against Daniel Gonzalez and Nick Kessler

Event by Year[]



No Limit Location and Venues[]

# Event Date Venue Main Event
1 No Limits (2009) May 17, 2009 Circus Theatre Kevin (c) vs. Matt B. vs. Matt H. for the World Championship
2 No Limits (2010) May 23, 2010 Circus Theatre Kevin (c) vs. Daniel vs. Nick for the IWE Championship
3 High Limits (2011) May 22, 2011 Circus Theatre Martin (c) vs. Rob for the World Heavyweight Championship