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The Female Nexus


Victoria Lehr
Ashley Martin
Amanda Johnson
Cassie Plumb
Tessa Smith
Brooke Slevin

Other names

Female Nexus
Diva Nexus
Ladies Nexus
Girls Nexus



The Female Nexus (aka The Divas Nexus) is a women's faction that is currently fighting on International Wrestling Entertainment. for the Dynasty brand.

Professional wrestling career[]

The Debut (2011)[]

Kicking out Victoria Lehr (2011)[]

Reuniting with Victoria Lehr (2011-present)[]

Victoria Lehr rejoined the team as the leader once again when she returned to the International Wrestling Entertainment. The Diva Nexus had informed the IWE diva roster that they are now "Stronger then Ever!" Ashley Martin has now been announced as a member of the Diva Nexus.

On the May 14, 2011 episode of Saturday Night Turbo The Nexus Divas came out and announced that at the High Limits (2011). But it was then announced by Intirm Co-General Manager and the current IWE Champion Kevin McAlmond announced that at High Limits (2011) the Nexus Divas (Amanda Johnson and Victoria Lehr) will face two Mystery opponents. The mystery opponents turned out to be Denise Lynn and Alicia Rameriz, Amanda Johnson and Victoria Lehr would loss to the team of Denise Lynn and Alicia Rameriz.