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TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs (2010)
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Promotional poster featuring Kevin McAlmond, Kalee Jordan Carroll, Victoria Lehr, Matt Williams, Kevin Judge, Emily Holt and Denise Lynn

Promotion International Wrestling Entertainment
Date December 19, 2010
Venue Circus Theatre
City Helena, MT
Pay-per-view chronology
Soul Survivor (2010) TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs (2010) New Years Evil (2011)
Extreme TLC chronology
First TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs (2010) TBA

Extreme TLC[]



Dark Matches[]

Preliminary Matches[]

The Dynasty Preliminary Match is for the Divas Championship where 5 divas are going into the match and for the first time in wrestling history it will be a Divas Ladder Match for Brittany Bayer's Divas Championship. Victoria Lehr, Brenah McAlmond, Denise Lynn and new Diva Kalee Jordan Carroll will all face off in a Ladder Match for the Divas Championship.

The Turbo Preliminary Match is for the Knockouts Championship as Four knockouts battle it out in a TLC Match for the Knockouts Championship. the champion Angela McAlmond versus Nicole McLaughlin versus Brenah McAlmond versus Katie Barnhart will all do battle in the TLC Match to find out who will be the Knockouts Champion heading into the New Year? Who is walking into New Year's Evil with the Knockouts Championship.

Main Event Matches[]

The main event match for Dynasty that has been made was made on Wednesday Night Dynasty on November 24, 2010. With the returning Nexus leader Daniel Gonzalez challenging the IWE Champion Kevin McAlmond and it was gladly accepted. The match will be a first ever, Extreme Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match but will also have the stipulations that if you pin the opponent anywhere you can, you will also win the Championship.

The main event for Turbo was announced to the IWE Universe on Saturday Night Turbo on November 27, 2010. With World Heavyweight Champion Martin McAlmond will take on Cameron Dana and Pete Damrow in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match no superstar in this match has never fought in this type of match. Martin, Cameron and Peter have been in One on One Matches together but never a Triple Threat TLC Match for the title on the line


Extreme TLC: Extreme Tables, Ladders and Chairs Card[]

# Match Stipulations
1 Brittany Bayer (c) defeated Denise Lynn, Victoria Lehr and Kalee Carroll 4-Way Match for the Divas Championship
2 Kevin and Martin McAlmond (c) defeated Ryan Gleason and Brian Tobol Tag Team Match for the World Tag Team Championship
3 Angela McAlmond (c) defeated Nicole McLaughlin and Katie Barnhart 4-Way for the Knockouts Championship
4 Steve Britz (c) defeated Chris Gomez, Nick Kessler and Dan Hooper 4-Way Match for the UN Championship
5 Will Kapphan (c) defeated Matt Hooper and Mike Fonger Tables Match for the NWE Championship
6 Matt and Josh Hooper last pinned Jesse Dern and Dustin Simpson to win Tag Team Turmoil for the Unified Tag Championship
7 Martin McAlmond (c) defeated Peter Damrow and Cameron Dana TLC Match for the World Championship
8 Kevin McAlmond (c) defeated Daniel Gonzalez TLC Match for the IWE Championship
9 Quinn Noel defeated Kevin McAlmond (c) Singles match for the IWE Championship; Bank on the Money cash-in