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Xtreme TLC: Tables, Ladders

Extreme TLC[]

Tables, Ladders and Chairs is about using Tables, Ladders or even Steel Chairs in a match now add, Chairs wrapped in barbed wire. Tables ingulfed in Fire. Ladders with Barbed Wire on it. and call it say... Extreme Tables, Ladders and Chairs. in 2009 the event went well with many superstars making history. Can 2010 be the same success that 2009 was?

Extreme TLC Events[]

# Event City Venue Main Event
1 Extreme TLC (2009) Bozeman Theatre Kevin (c) vs. Quinn in a TLC Match for the IWE Championship
2 Extreme TLC (2010) Helena Theatre Kevin (c) vs. Daniel in a TLC Match for the IWE Championship