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The International Wrestling Entertainment will be holding its first ever Draft on the April 27, 2011 episode of Wednesday Night Dynasty as every Superstar will be eligable to be drafted. This is the first ever draft of the IWE. It was announced that the draft would be held on Wednesday Night Dynasty for the first time in its career on the April 20, 2011 episode of Wednesday Night Dynasty.

Draft (2011)[]


Televised draft[]


# Match Stipulation Winner(s)
1 Dynasty: Brian, Blake, Chris, Colton and Grant vs. Turbo: Chris, James Justin, Matt and Dax Battle royal for 3 draft picks Turbo: Gomez & Burdick
2 Dynsty: Grant Boyton vs. Turbo: Kevin Judge Singles Match for 1 draft pick Dynasty: Grant Boyton
3 Dynasty: Will Kapphan vs. Turbo: Shawn Adams Singles Match for 2 draft picks Dynasty: Will Kapphan
4 Dynasty: Jared vs. Jesse vs. Turbo: Tarry vs. Phillip 4-Way Match for 3 draft picks Dynasty: Jesse & Turbo: Tarry
5 Dynasty: The Hoopers vs. Turbo: Chris Gomez and Michael Fonger Tag Team Match for 2 draft picks Turbo: The Korre
6 Dynasty: Brenah, Brittany and Brittney McAlmond vs. Tubo: Sarah, Arynn and Jessie Six-Women Tag Team Match Turbo: Sarah, Arynn and Jessie
7 Dynasty: Kevin, Brian and Richard vs. Turbo: Martin, Jarrett and RJ Six-Man Tag Team Match Dynasty: Kevin, Brian and Richard


# Brand (to) Employee Role Brand (from)
1 Turbo Sara Hicks Diva Dynasty
2 Turbo Jarrett Graber Superstar Dynasty
3 Turbo Jon Williams Superstar Dynasty
4 Dynasty Brooke Slevin Diva Turbo
5 Dynasty Brittney McAlmond Diva Turbo
6 Dynasty Jake Flaherty Superstar Turbo
7 Dynasty Brian Bignell Superstar Turbo
8 Turbo Alicia Aldrich Diva Dynasty
9 Dynasty Cam Dana Diva Turbo
10 Turbo RJ Farrell Superstar Dynasty
11 Dynasty Nicole Nettleton Diva Dynasty
12 Turbo Riley Austin Diva Turbo
13 Dynasty Richard Veach Superstar Turbo
14 Turbo Kris Krame Superstar Dynasty
15 Turbo Diana Stonehouse Diva Dynasty
16 Dynasty Luke Maleski Superstar Turbo
17 Dynasty Nicole Bergman Diva Turbo
18 Dynasty Kevin Ward Superstar Turbo
19 Dynasty Sean Clinch Superstar Turbo

Supplemental Draft[]

The Supplemental Draft was announced that it will be over the IWE.com website.


# Brand (to) Employee Role Brand (from)
20 Turbo Kassi Austin Diva Dynasty
21 Turbo Brian Woods Superstar Dynasty
22 Turbo Sean McCurry Superstar Dynasty
23 Dynasty Jehann Kazem Diva Turbo
24 Turbo Justin Hensen Superstar Dynasty
25 Dynasty Phillip Legg Superstar Turbo
26 Turbo Jade Zimmer Diva Dynasty
27 Dynasty Tommy Larson Superstars Turbo
28 Turbo Jared Hunt Superstar Dynasty
29 Dynasty Brooke Wright Diva Turbo
30 Turbo Michael Fonger Superstar Dynasty
31 Dynasty Brett Hall Superstar Turbo
32 Turbo Mike Banderob Superstar Dynasty
33 Dynasty Tarry Anderson Superstar Turbo
34 Turbo Robert Truax Superstar Dynasty
36 Dynasty Jodi Wilson Superstar Turbo
37 Turbo Chris Taylor Superstar Dynasty
38 Dynasty Shawn Adams Superstar Turbo
39 Turbo Matt Williams Superstar Dynasty
40 Dynasty Justin Eldridge Superstar Turbo

Meltdown Draft[]

The Meltdown draft, started right after the Supplemental Draft as some Superstars and Divas could be Drafted twice!


# Employee Role
1 Dax Hoovestall Superstar
2 Amanda Wadsworth Diva
3 Jared Keller Superstar
4 Eric Horne Superstar
5 Amber Martin Diva
6 John Goff Superstar
7 James Alexander Superstar
8 Shaina Dargan Diva
9 Colton Sherley Superstar
10 Jon Rispen Superstar
11 Faith Grover Diva
12 James Allred Superstar
13 Josh Nuss Superstar
14 Will Hughes Superstar
15 Devin Keller Superstar
16 Peter Damrow Superstar
17 Ross Rowesey Superstar
18 Brett Nelson Superstar
19 David Aldrich Superstar
20 Blake Wheeler Superstar
21 Mikhail Schmalzried Superstar
22 Grant Boyton Superstar
23 Amy Ketchumm Diva
24 Tyson Booth Superstar
25 Brandon Martin Superstar
26 Eli Eason Superstar
27 Tara Schmalzried Diva
28 Richard Munoz Superstar
29 Ceige McGurn Superstar
30 Kaila Platts-McGurn Diva