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Deuces 4-Wilde (2009)

Promotional poster featuring Poker Cards

Theme song(s) "???"
Promotion IWE Wrestling
Date June 28, 2009
Attendance 100
Venue Circus Theatre
City Montana
Pay-per-view chronology
No Limits (2009) Deuces 4-Wilde (2009) Bank on the Money (2009)
Deuces 4-Wilde chronology
First Deuces 4-Wilde (2009) Deuces 4-Wilde (2010)

Deuces 4-Wilde (2009)[]

Deuces Wilde is all about the Fatal Four Way Match. the IWE Championship, World Tag Team Championship, Divas Championship and World Heavyweight Championship was all defended in Fatal Four Way Matches when the Champions having no chance of winning the match.

There was a few Singles Matches at the 2009 event. But the Deuces 4-Wilde is all about the Fatal Four Way Matches.



Main Event Matches[]

Deuces 4-Wilde (2009) Results[]

# Matches Stipulations
1 Joe Linderman (c) defeated Ryan Gleason, Brian Tobol and Nick Kessler Fatal Four Way Match for the International Championship
2 Will Hughes defeated Will Kapphan Singles Match
3 Josh and Tyler Erickson (c) defeated Matt and Ryan Borkse, Nick & Quinn and Kevin & Kevin 4-Way Tag Team Match for the World Tag Team Championship
4 Angela McAlmond (c) defeated Victoria Lehr, Cassie Plumb and Kassi Austin| Fatal Four Way Match for the Divas Championship
5 Zack Nuss (with Josh Nuss and Felisha Nuss) defeated Matt Garr Singles Match
6 Martin McAlmond (c) defeated Chris Gomez, Kris McGowan and Grant Boyton Fatal Four Way Match for the IWE Championship
7 Kevin McAlmond (c) defeated Matt Borske, Ryan Borske and Josh Erickson Fatal Four Way Match for the World Heavyweight Championship