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Martin McAlmond
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Matt Hooper
Josh Hooper
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Mark Semmler
Kooper McAlmond
Kiela Belgarde
Ryan Barnhart
Dustin Simpson
Kirsten Adkisson

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D-Generation X

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Jeannie Webb


February 18, 2011

Evolution is a face professional wrestling stable on International Wrestling Entertainment's Dynasty brand that just debut at the first IWE house show that took place on February 18, 2011.


Debut (2011)[]

The Evoltuon debut on the first house show that International Wrestling Entertainment ever produced in the enter hisory when Kevin McAlmond and Martin McAlmond defeated Nexus members Matt Borske and Josh Erickson to retain the World Tag Team Championship. Later on in the night the rest of the Evolution members were announced during a Steel Cage Match for then-Champion's Matt Borske and regain the IWE Championship back to the Evolution side.

On the March 8, 2011 episode of Dynasty Evolution defeated The Korre and The Nexus in a Huge Tag Team Match. After the even Evolution celebrated with the IWE Dynasty show with the The Nexus and The Korre leaving the ring.

Name Change: D-Generation X[]

Evolution changed there name to D-Generation X after they attacked The Nexus and The Korre when they were talking about last weeks Tag Team Match.

The addition of Dustin Simpson[]

Dustin Simpson joined the D-Generation X on a epsiode of Wednesday Night Dynasty in a IWE Championship defense of the IWE Champion Kevin McAlmond helping the IWE Champion to retain, therefore joining the D-Generation X faction

The addition of Jeannie Webb/Disfucation of Jeannie Webb[]

On the June 22nd, 2011 episode of Dyansty she had a shot to become the new Divas Champion when she faced Brenah McAlmond she was also announced as the newest member of the D-Generation X. The match would lead to a new contest due to a attack by The Nexus.

Before the show on July 2, 2011 it was suppose to be Kevin McAlmond and Jeannie Webb against Daniel Gonzalez, Victoria Lehr and Amanda Johnson. in a two on three handicap match on Turbo. But Jeannie Webb told the D-Generation X to screw off and left the arena. She is still contracted with the International Wrestling Entertainment but all ties with D-Generation X have been cut.

The addition of Kirsten Adkisson[]

On July 2nd, 2011 episode of Turbo Kirsten Adkisson made her debut as the 'replacement' on the D-Generation X. Her and Kevin McAlmond defeated Daniel Gonzalez, Amanda Johnson and Victoria Lehr. Also kissing on the show classifying there new found "Relationship."

In Wrestling[]

  • Entrance Music
    • "Line in the Sand" by Motorhead (End of 2010-2011)
    • "Voices" by Rev Theory (2011)
    • "The Kings" by Run DMC (2011-present)

Championship and Accomplishments[]