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Brittany Mayer
Brittany as Divas Champion in 2010

Ring Name(s)

Brittany Bayer
Brittany Mayer






October 6, ???? (age 19)
Helena, Montana



Brittany Mayer (born October 6) is a wrestling diva currently working for International Wrestling Entertainment. And is currently signed with the Dynasty brand. and is currently holding the IWE Divas Championship

Early Career[]

Brittany Mayer grew up in Helena, Montana where she has a brother, Uncle, Aunt, Few Cousions, Few Nephews. She started in Wrestling when she was 17 years old and went sky high from there.

International Wrestling Entertainment[]

Singles Competition (2009-Late 2010)[]

In late 2009, Brittany Mayer made her debut as a Single compeditor where she would be defeated by then-Knockouts Champion Angela McAlmond. The next week she would face the Divas Champion Victoria Lehr and yet again was defeated in the match. But when she had one more chance the next week on Dynasty to beat Divas Champion Victoria, She did just that. She defeated the Divas Champion.

In mid-2009, Brittany Mayer had a chance to become the first ever-Undisputed Knockouts/Divas Champion. But was unsucessfull. The match was a two fall finish, First match for the Divas Championship and the second fall being for the Knockouts Championship but the current Champions were able to retain their belts in each fall. This was Brittany's greatest match of 2009!

At the end of 2009, Brittany Mayer was on her first reign as Divas Championship when she won the Championship at Rage in the Cage to give her the one time Divas Championship. She won the championship after defeating Victoria Lehr and Brenah McAlmond in a Triple Threat Match to become the Champion, After pinning Victoria Lehr.

In early 2010, Brittany was still the Divas Champion after over coming odds of Triple Threat Matches, Fatal 4-Way Matches and a Chamber of Hell Match she over came all those odds to retain the Divas Championship in early 2010.

In mid-2010, Brittany hada feud going on with Victoria Lehr over the Divas Championship but kept retaining the Championship over her. So Victoria formed he rown "Divas Nexus" stable and Victoria tried for the Divas Championship, Still coming up short to become the new Divas Champion. She tried anything to win back the Divas Championship.

In late 2010, Brittany Mayer started to team slightly with Knockouts Champion Angela McAlmond to face off against the "Divas Nexus" the two made a great friendship during there time together.

Tag Team Competition with Angela McAlmond (2010)[]

The McAlmond's and The Mayer's Faction & Family Faction (2011-Present)[]

On the April 2nd, 2011 episode of Turbo the Divas Champion who is currently Brittany Mayer teaming up with the Knockouts Champion and her partner in crime, Angela McAlmond, They were facing their No. 1 Contenders to the Divas Championship who is Brenah McAlmond and Amanda Wagner who won the Divas-Rumble at New Year's Evil. The Knockouts and Divas Champions pulled out the victory, Leading into WrestleMania III on Sunday, April 3, 2011.

Personal Life[]

In Wrestling[]

Brittany Mayer

  • Finishing Moves
    • Mayer-Faction (StratusFaction)
  • Managers
  • Entrance Themes
    • "Bring it On" by Trace Adkins - (2010-Present)

Championship and Accomplishments[]