Bank on the Money Promotional poster featuring numerous Nexus members

Promotion IWE
Date July 17, 2011
Venue Civic Center
City Montana
Pay-per-view chronology
Capital Punishment (2011) Money in the Bank SummerTime Blues (2011)
Bank on the Money chronology
Bank on the Money (2010) Money in the Bank Bank on the Money (2012)

Bank on the Money (2011) is the second annual Bank on the Money where it will have the Bank on the Money Ladder Match with the winner's getting a IWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship anytime and any place they want to get the shot at the World Championship.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Bank on the Money (2011) event is set to have three Bank on the Money ladder matches one will be for the Dynasty briefcase, the second Bank on the Money ladder match will be for the Meltdown briefcase and the third Bank on the Money ladder match will be Turbo briefcase. The winner's will get a shot to become World Champion for there brand, So far each superstar that had won the Bank on the Money ladder match, has won there brands World Heavyweight Championship.

On the June 22, 2011 addition of Dynasty Charlie Lynch won a five-man battle royal to become the Number one contender to the IWE Championship at the Bank on the Money 2011 pay-per-view.

On the June 28, 2011 addition of Meltdown Shaina Dargan won a Triple threat match defeating Amanda Wadsworth and Amy Ketchum to become the new No. 1 contender to the Women's Championship and a match for the title at Bank on the Money.

On the June 29, 2011 addition of Dynasty the Bank on the Money Ladder Match was announced as Tom Stahr, Nick Pollington, Steven Larson, Jason Downing, Daniel O'Brien, RJ Farrell, Will Kapphan and Josh Hooper, was all announced to participate in the Bank on the Money Ladder match. With the winner stacking the odds for the Champion sometime. As they can challenge the IWE Champion for the IWE Championship anytime and anywhere they want to challenge them for the Championship.

Event[edit | edit source]

In a Dark match Jesse Dern defended the IWE United Nations Championship against fellow CHS graduate. Quinn Noel. James Burdick interrfered and HELPED Jesse Dern retain the belt. Jesse Dern used his finisher to get the pinfall.

The opening contest was the Meltdown's Bank on the Money Ladder match Brandon Martin,Blake Wheeler, Dax Hoovestall, Josh Nuss, James Allred, Devin Keller, Jared Keller and Colton Sherley The ending of the match saw Blake Wheeler climb the ladder but get knocked down by Jared Keller, Jared Keller looked to get the briefcase and win the match, But Brandon Martin climbed up the other side and clobbered Jared Keller with a steel chair! Brandon Martin would reach up and grab the briefcase to win the Meltdown Bank on the Ladder Match for a title shot anytime he wanted!

In the second match was for the IWE Women's Championship as the current champion, Amber Martin defending the Championship against Shaina Dargan before the match even started Dargan attacked Martin with the Women's Title. Early on Shaina would gain advantage busting Martin open. But Amber Martin would gain back the advantage with forearms to the face. But not for long as Dargan would gain back the advantage with a cheap shot. In the end, Dargan went for her finisher and Amber Martin revered into a roll-up to retain the IWE Women's Championship.

The third match was a match scheduled during the night when The Diva Nexus bad mouthed the IWE Divas. The General Managers of each show agreed to have one of the Diva Nexus face Crystal Simpson. Amanda Johnson was choosen to face Crystal Simpson, Amanda Johnson brought the Diva Nexus out with her. In the end of the match, The Nexus attacked Crystal Simpson from behind and allowed Amanda Johnson to hit Simpson with her finisher and get the victory.

The fourth match was the Turbo Bank on the Money Ladder match with Chris Gomez, Robert Rogge, Cody McDuffie, Kevin Judge, Chris Wheat, John Cope and Sean McCurry and Ryan Barnhart. The match started with everyone going after ladders, Barnhart slide his into the ring but the ladder was dropkicked back into him by Rogge, Rogge would grab the ladder and be the first to go up for the case, However, He was stopped by Chris Wheat. Judge tried for the case but was stopped by McCurry. In the end Gomez was on the top of the ladder reaching up for the case but was knocked down by Barnhart when Barnhart kicked the ladder! Barnhart would grab the ladder put it back up and climb it and get the case for Turbo brand!

The fifth match was for the IWE Knockouts Championship as champion Angela McAlmond defended the title against Christina Dunn as the match started off Christina looked to be in control, Christina would look to hit her finisher on Angela for the win and the title but Angela reversed the finisher and nailed her own finisher on Dunn to retain the Knockouts Championship.

The sixth match was for the IWE Heavyweight Championship as the current champion Kooper McAlmond defended the title against No. 1 Contender Mikhail Schmalzried who brought out his brother (Aaron Schmalzried). The match started with Kooper leaping from the ring onto both men, The advantage was runned by Kooper for a through most of the match, In about the middle Mikhail and Aaron double teamed Kooper while the referee was paying attention to a girl fan, Aaron would hit Kooper with a neckbreaker and then get out Mikhail would go for the pin but only get a two count, Kooper would finally gain back the advantage when his girlfriend Kiela Belgarde would come out take out the unknown girl, toss Kooper the title and distract the referee, Kooper would take out Mikhail with the Championship and then take out Aaron with a hard shot to the face. Kiela would get down as Kooper hit Kooper Kennel on Mikhail and then pick him up for the KooperBomb to cover Mikhail for the win.

The seventh match was the Battle royal for the Divas Championship, the champion Brenah McAlmond defend the title against Austyn Hewitt, Brianna Carpenter, Victoria Lehr, Kaila Matteson, Kirsten Adkisson, Lauren Ireland and Nicole McLaughlin. The battle royal was nuts as all the divas battled it out to see who will walk out with the Divas Gold! The final four came to Brenah McAlmond, Austyn Hewitt, Lauren Ireland and the Diva Nexus' Victoria Lehr. The final two came down to Victoria Lehr and the current Champion Brenah McAlmond. This was it for Brenah either retain the gold or loss it to The Diva Nexus. Brenah looked to be going out, when Victoria lifted her over the ropes, But somehow, Brenah had wrapped her legs around Lehr's head and hung onto the ropes, Victoria went tumbling over the top rope. Brenah retained the gold! But Victoria's championship rambling is not over!

The eight match was the last of the Bank on the Money Ladder match, this one being for the Dynasty brand as William Kapphan, one half of the Unified Tag Team Champions Josh Hooper, Steven Larson, Jason Downing, Thomas Stahr, Nick Pollinton vs. Daniel O'Brien and RJ Farrell all went to war over the briefcase over the IWE Title. In the start Josh Hooper went for a ladder, Steven Larson stopped him and then the rest went to war outside and inside the ring. During the match Jason Downing, RJ Farrell, Daniel O'Brien and Josh Hooper all went for the briefcase but not one of them could grab it. In the end Tom Stahr reached up and had his hands all over the case but was knocked down by RJ Farrell, But Farrell was brought down by Daniel O'Brien who finally reached up and grabbed the case winning himself a IWE Title shot within the next year!

In the Semi-Main event match was for the World Heavyweight Championship as the current defending champion Martin McAlmond defend the World Championship against his No. 1 contender Jared Hunt, In the beginning Martin and Jared shared blows over and over, But after sharing blows Jared would gain the advantage with a hard right hand staggering the World Champion Martin McAlmond. The match would continue as both men would end up falling to the outside of the ring. The referee would start counting both men out, However at the count of 9 1/2 both men would get back into the ring. Martin would soon gain advantage over his challenger hitting a Spiked DDT but it was only good for two. Martin would continue the beating with some blows to the head, Jared Hunt soon gained back the advantage hitting a huge top rope move but again only good enough for a two count. In the end, Jared Hunt looked to be going for his finisher Hunt's Power Martin would reverse his finisher and nail Jared Hunt with a hard hitting SPEAR. Martin McAlmond would finisher up by hitting a Last Ride to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Backstage, Sam Simkins interview the Kevin about the main event tonight when he faces Charlie, Kevin proceeded to tell Sam that he knows Charlie from back in school and there is only one thing he knows.. But left the interview without saying anything else about it.

The main event match was for the IWE Championship as the champion Kevin McAlmond defending the IWE Championship against Charlie Lynch. Both superstars looked ready to go, Charlie bad mouthing Kevin, Kevin bad mouthing Charlie. The bell finally rung and both men went for a clothesline, Kevin ducked Charlie and turned around and hit Charlie with a clothesline of his own. Kevin gained the advantage earlier on in the match. But Charlie would low blow Kevin. Charlie would almost get the win four times. Charlie would hit a hard clothesline on Kevin and go for another pinfall but again Kevin kicked out at two. After that the Nexus came out to the stage. Charlie look up on the stage but would get roll-up by Kevin, Kevin would only get a two count though. The Nexus started making there way down to the ring. But the D-Generation X would stop The Nexus from doing anything else as The Nexus and D-Generation X fought it out on the stage. Everything was breaking down as Kevin and Charlie had there attention on the big fight outside the ring. Charlie would go to hit Kevin with a hard closeline, Kevin would duck and go for DOOMSDAY Charlie would sneak out of it and roll Kevin up but again only to get a two count on the Champion. Charlie would roll to the outside, grab the IWE Championship and a Steel Chair roll back into the ring and with the referee being distracted by the Nexus/D-Generation X battle on the outside, Charlie would pick the IWE Title up look at it and swing for Kevin, Kevin ducks and nailed a clothesline on Charlie, then a dropkick and then Kevin rolled up and picked up the IWE Championship and still while the referee was still distracted by the outside battle. Charlie got up and Kevin would crack Charlie in the skull with the IWE Championship! tossing it to the outside, The referee would turn back to the match, Both men were down so the referee would start the count at about the count of 6 Kevin was up, Not wanting to win like this, Kevin lifted Charlie up and onto his feet and connected with the DOOMSDAY! Kevin would slowly roll into the cover and get the three count. Kevin celebrated the IWE Championship retainment with his fellow D-Generation X members. As The Nexus were up on the stage looking on discusted! DX and Kevin celebrated until the cameras went off air.

Card[edit | edit source]

# Matches Stipulations
Dark Jesse Dern (c) defeated Quinn Noel by disqualifcation Singles match for the United Nations Championship
1 Brandon defeated Blake, Dax, Josh, James, Devin, Jared and Colton Meltdown Bank on the Money Ladder match
2 Amber Martin (c) defeated Shaina Dargan Singles match for the Women's Championship
3 Amanda Johnson defeated Crystal Simpson Singles match
4 Ryan defeated Chris, Robert, Cody, Kevin, Chris, John and Sean Turbo Bank on the Money Ladder match
5 Angela McAlmond (c) defeated Christina Dunn Singles match for the Knockouts Championship
6 Kooper McAlmond (c) vs. Mikhail Schmalzried Singles match for the Heavyweight Championship
7 Brenah (c) defeated Austyn, Brianna, Victoria, Kaila, Kirsten, Lauren and Nicole Battle royal for the IWE Divas Championship
8 Daniel defeated William, Josh, Steven, Jason, Thomas, Nick and RJ Dynasty Bank on the Money Ladder match
9 Martin McAlmond (c) defeated Jared Hunt Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship
10 Kevin McAlmond (c) defeated Charlie Lynch Singles match for the IWE Championship
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