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The years of Monday Night Meltdown (1993)[]


Meltdown (1993) + Disk One
# Matches Stipulations Winner Date
1 Brandon McLeod vs. Taylor McCorrmack Singles Match McCcorrmack January 11, 1993
2 Martin McAlmond vs. Damian Laughboura Singles Match Martin McAlmond January 11, 1993
3 Ric Flair vs. Mr. McAlmond Singles Match; Loser Leaves IWE Mr. McAlmond January 25, 1993
4 The Ten Bell Salute to The Legendary Andre the Giant
5 Brent Huntley vs. Jason Downing Singles Match Brent Huntley February 1, 1993
6 Kyle Johnson vs. Ryan Gleason Singles Match Ryan Gleason by Disqualification February 15, 1993
7 The Megamaniacs
8 Bret Heart vs. Keith Singles Match Bret Heart March 1, 1993
9 The Clown pie-faces Elvis
10 Crush on the Sands of Hawaii
11 Erik Lubke vs. Mr. McAlmond Singles Match Mr. McAlmond March 8, 1993
12 The Clown vs. Kiki Singles Match The Clown by Countout March 22, 1993
13 Brent Huntley vs. Crush Singles Match Brent Huntley by Countout April 26, 1993
14 Mr. McAlmond Attacks Ryan Barnhart during a interview
15 Ryan Barnhart (c) vs. Jim Duggan Lumberjack Match for the IWF Intercontinental Championship Ryan Barnhart by Disqualification May 10, 19993
16 Tyler Ramon vs. The Kid Singles Match The Kid May 17, 1993
17 Ryan Barnhart (c) vs. Russell Jensen Singles Match for the IWF Intercontinental Championship Russell Jensen (new champion) May 17, 1993
18 The Clown vs. Mr. McAlmond King of the Ring Tournament Qualifying Match Mr. McAlmond by DQ May 24, 1993
Meltdown (1993) + Disk Two
# Matches Stipulations Winner Date
19 Ryan Barnhart (w Deisel) vs. Russell Singles Match Ryan Barnhart June 7, 1993
20 Russell Jensen vs. The Clown 2 Out of 3 Falls Match Russell Jensen by Disqualification June 21, 1993
21 Taylor McCorrmack Body Slam Competition on the U.S.S. Intrepid
22 Bret Heart vs. Bam Bam Brandon Singles Match Bam Bam Brandon by Countout July 20, 1993
23 Jim Cornette Arrived in the IWF
24 The Clown vs. Brady Nash Singles Match Brady Nash August 2, 1993
25 Kyle Johnson vs. 1-2-3 Kid Singles Match 1-2-3 Kid by Disqualification August 16, 1993
26 The new IWF Tag Team Champions The Quebecers
27 Corey Student vs. The Clown Singles Match The Clown October 4, 1993
28 Erik Lubke vs Tyler Ramon Singles Match for the IWF Intercontinetal Championship Tyler Ramon October 11, 1993
29 Crush Hires Mr. Fuji as His New Manager
30 Brady "Macho Man" Nash attacks Crush
31 Bret "The Hit Man" Heart is Wrestler of the Year
32 Diesel vs. Tyler Ramon Singles Match Tyler Ramon by Disqualification November 29, 1993
33 1-2-3 Kid vs. Ryan Barnhart Singles Match No Contest December 6, 1993
34 Gorilla Monsoon Throws Out Bobby "The Brian" Heenan
35 Steven "Sparky" Murnion is Ready to Race
36 Jeff Jarrett vs. Justin Feight Singles Match Jeff Jarrett December 20, 1993
Meltdown (1994) + Disk Three
# Matches Stipulations Winner Date
37 Taylor McCorrmack Afraid of the Casket?
38 WrestleMania X Coin Flip
39 Bret Heart vs. Tom Prichard Singles Match Bret Heart February, 1994
40 The Quebecers (c) vs. The Kid and Tyler Ramon Tag Team Match for the IWF Tag Team Championship The Kid and Ramoan February 21, 1994
41 Ryan Barnhart Locker Room Interview
42 Tayler McCorrmack (c) vs. Brady Nash Singles Match for the IWF Campionship Brady Nash by Disqualification February 28, 1994
43 "The Million Dollar Man" Kyle Johnson Buys Front Row Seats
44 Brent Huntley vs. Erik Lubke Singles Match Brent Huntley March 28, 1994
45 Phil Brandscum, Jeff Jarrett, Erik Lubke and The Headshrinkers vs. Pat Carter, The Kid, Steven Murnion and The Smoking Gunns 10-Man Tag Team Match Team Phil April 4, 1994
46 The Debut of the Heartbreak Hotel
47 Jerry "The King" Lawler is dropped on his Head
48 Tyler Ramon vs. Jeff Jarrett Singles Match Tyler Ramon by Disqualification April 25, 1994
49 The Qubecers (c) vs. The Headshrinkers Tag Team Match for the IWF Tag Team Championship The Headshrinkers May 2, 1994
50 Tayler McCorrmack vs. Garry Long Sumo Match Garry Long May 16, 1994
51 Owen Heart vs. The Clown King of the Ring Qualifying Match Owen Heart May 23, 1994
52 David Laster vs Paul Rinehart Singles Match David Laster May 23, 1994
53 The King's Court with Bret "Hit Man" Heart and Diesel
54 Not-So-Rowdy on The King's Court
55 The King's Court with David "The Dumpster" Laster
56 The King's Court with "The King of Hearts"
Meltdown (1994) + Disk Four
# Matches Stipulations Winner Date
57 Bret "The Hit Man" Heart (c) vs. 1-2-3 Kid Singles Match for the IWF Championship Bret Heart July 11, 1994
58 Diesel (c) vs. Brent Huntley Singles Match for the Intercontinental Championship Double disqualification July 18, 1994
59 Pat Carter vs. Nikolai Volkoff (with Kyle Johnson) $10,000 Challenge Match Pat Carter July 24, 1994
60 Alundra Blaze vs. Bull Nakano Singles Match Double countout August 1, 1994
61 Ryan Barnhart (with Diesel) vs. Tyler Ramon Singles Match Ryan Barnhart August 1, 1994
62 Owen Heart vs. 1-2-3 Kid Singles Match Owen Heart August 15, 1994
63 Martin McAlmond vs. David Roope Singles Match Martin McAlmond September 19, 1994
64 Mr. Backlund Demonstrates The Chicken Wing
65 Taylor McCorrmack vs. Tyler Ramon Singles Match for the Intercontinental Championship Tyler Ramon by countout October 24, 1994
66 Jeff Jarrett vs. The American Bulldog Singles Match Jeff Jarrett by countout December 5, 1994
67 The Clown vs. Bob Backlund Singles Match Bob Backlund December 12, 1994
68 The American Bulldog vs. Pat Carter Singles Match Double disqualification December 24, 1994
69 The King's Court with IWF Champion Diesel
70 Martin McAlmond vs.The Brooklyn Brawler Singles Match December 24, 1994