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The World Tag Team Championship is a professional wrestling world tag team championship. It is currenly on the Turbo brand.

Other names[]

Former names Dates
IWE World Tag Team Championship 2009-2010
World Tag Team Championship 2011-present


Current Champion Reigns Date Won Days Held Event Notes
Matt Borske and Josh Erickson 1 1/25/2009 21 New Year's Evil (2009) None
Josh Hooper and Robert Rogge 1 2/15/2009 10 Chamber of Hell (2009)
The Erickson's 1 2/25/2009 216 Dynasty
Vacant - 9/30/2009 - Dynasty
The McAlmond's 1 10/24/2010 539+ Rage in the Cage (2009) IWE management vacated all the titles