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The IWE International Championship is a professional wrestling championship in and owned by the American promotion International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE). The title was introduced into the IWE in 2009. It is the secondary championship on Saturday Night Turbo

The First-ever International Championship was crowned on January 28, 2009 on Dynasty when Kris McGowan won the Championship.

The current International Champion is Mark Semmler he defeated former Champion Dustin Simpson on Turbo.


Current Champion Reign Date Won Days Held Event Note
Kris McGowan 1 1/28/2009 18 Dynasty Title was Vacant
Steve Britz 1 2/15/2009 96 Chamber of Hell (2009)
Joe Linderman 1 5/17/2009 102 Throw the Rules Out (2009) This was a Hardcore Ladder Match
Vacant - - - Dynasty Title was vacated when Joe was injured
Ryan Barnhart 1 10/4/2009 49 Rage in the Cage (2009)
Joe Smith 1 11/22/2009 70 Soul Survivor (2009)
Ryan Borske 1 1/31/2010 127 Throw the Rules Out (2010) This was a Triple threat Ladder Match also including Dereck Reich
Joe Linderman 2 6/7/2010 139 Night of Championships (2010) This was a Triple threat match also including Ryan Gleason
Ryan Barnhart 2 10/24/2010 99 Rage in the Cage This was a Triple threat match also including Joe Smith
Dustin Simpson 1 1/30/2011 14 New Year's Evil (2011)
Mark Semmler 1 2/12/2011 153+ Turbo