List of International Wrestling Entertainment Employees[edit | edit source]

International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE) is a professional wrestling promotion based in Stamford, Connecticut. Employees in IWE consist of professional wrestlers, managers, play-by-pay and color commentators, interviewers, referees, trainers, road agents, script writters and various other positions. Executives and board of directors are listed.

IWE employees' contracts range from developmental contracts to multi-year deals and they appear as independent contractors. Employees on the main roster appear on specific brands (Meltdown and Fusion) for IWE television programming, pay-per-view and at live events while developmental employees appear at Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW)

Employees and management are organized by role within the promotion.. The ring name of the employee is written on the left, while the employee's real name is on the right. If a wrestler is inactive for any reason, due to injury, suspension, not wrestling in 30 days or otherwise, that information is noted.

Employees are generally assigned to a specific brand, though they may make occasional special appearances on another brand. The IWE Tag Team Champions and the Divas Champion can regularly appear on both Meltdown and Fusion as those titles (due to being unified) can be defended on either show. All employees can appear on IWE Superstars, as that show is designed to feature both brands.

WWE refers to its male performers as "Superstars" and its female performers as "Divas". The term "Superstars" is also occasionally used to refer to all IWE performers, regardless of gender. The female wrestlers of the show IWE NXT are called "Rookie Divas". They also can appear on either Meltdown or Fusion with their assigned "Pros", depending on whichever brand their pro belongs to, or by a brand's General Manager for a special match.

Main Roster[edit | edit source]

Meltdown Brand[edit | edit source]

Meltdown Superstars[edit | edit source]

Dustin Simpson

Nick Kessler

David Mahrt

Kooper McAlmond

Ring Name Notes

Female Wrestlers[edit | edit source]

Katie Katie

Ring Name Notes
Kassi Austin
Crystal Gozelanski
Nicole Bergman
Lauren Ireland
Riley Also appears on NXT
Denise Lynn
Tierney Gozelanski
Katie Katie Divas Champion

Other On-Air Employees[edit | edit source]

Ring Name Role Notes
Brian Hosmer Apprentice of Joe Smith
Occasional Wrestler
Also Competes in FCW
Jerry Lawler Color Commentator
Occasional Wrestler
IWE Hall of Famer
Justin Roberts Ring Announcer Also Ring Announcer for NXT
Michael Cole Play-by-Play Commentator on Meltdown and Fusion Offical spokesman for the anonymous Meltdown GM
Ranjin Singh Manager and Interpreter of Reg Hageman Also writer for Meltdown
Scott Standford Meltdown's Play-by-Play Commentator for Superstars Host of IWE Bottom Line, IWE Specials and IWE Free for All

Fusion[edit | edit source]

Male Wrestlers[edit | edit source]

Female Wrestlers[edit | edit source]

Other On-Air Employees[edit | edit source]

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