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The IWE Intercontinental Championship is a professional wrestling championship contested in and owned by the American promotion International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE). The title was introduced into WWE in 1979, which was known as the World Wrestling Federation (IWF) at the time. Pat Patterson, holder of the IWF North American Heavyweight Championship, had unified the title with a South American Heavyweight Championship won in a tournament in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The IWF considered the Intercontinental Championship to be the second most important championship in the company, after the IWF Championship In 2002, the IWE was renamed to International Wrestling Entertainment. After the name change, the title was renamed the IWE Intercontinental Championship.

Title History[]

# Wrestler Reigns Date Days held Location Event Notes
128 Jose Serrano 3 5/23/2010 160 Larendo, TX Fusion! Aired August 6, 2010 on tape delay
129 Nick Kessler 1 8/6/2010 77 Tucson, AZ Fusion! Aired January 7, 2011 on tape delay.
130 Daniel Gonzalez 1 4/25/2011 89 Columbus, OH Fusion! Aired March 25, 2011 on tape delay.
131 Russell Dalton 1 June 19, 2011 1+ Washington, D.C. Capitol Punishment