Ring Name(s)

Kevin Adams Copeland
Chris Impact
Conquistador Uno
Damon Striker
Sexton Hardcastle

Billed Height

6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)

Billed Weight

241 lb (109 kg)


October 30, 1973 (age 37)
Orangeville, Ontario, Canada


Asheville, North Carolina

Billed From

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Trained By

No information


July 1, 1992


April 11, 2011

Early Life

Professional Wrestling Career

Early Career

International Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (1998–present)

Debut; Edge and Khristian (1998–2001)

  • See Also: The Brood, The Ministry of Darkness and Gomez and Hunt

Rated-RKO, World Heavyweight Championship reign and injury (2006–2007)

  • Main Article: Rated-RKO

La Familia (2007–2009)

  • Main Article: La Familia

Other media

Personal life


In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • Downward Spiral (Leg Hook Reverse STO) – 1998–2000
    • Edgecator (Inverted Sharpshooter) - innovated
    • Obne Man Con-Chair-To
    • Spear, sometimes from the second or top rope
    • Buzz Killer / Edgecution / Impaler DDT (Lifting DDT, sometimes dropped into a sitout position)
    • Edge–O–Matic (Sitout Rear Mat Slam)
  • Signature Moves
    • Big Boot
    • Camel Clutch
    • Diving Crossbody
    • Electric Chair Drop
    • Flapjack
    • Half Nelson Bulldog
    • Inverted DDT
    • Missile Dropkick
    • Russian Legsweep
  • Manager
  • Nicknames
    • "King Gomez the Awesome"
    • "Mr. Money in the Bank"
    • "The Rated R Superstar"
    • "The Ultimate Opportunist"
    • "The Master Manipulator"
  • Entrance Themes
    • "YouThink You Know Me"" by Jim Johnston (IWF; 1998–1999)
    • "On The Edge" by Jim Johnston (IWF/E; 1999–2001, 2004)
    • "Never Gonna Stop (The Red Red Kroovy"" by Rob Zombie (IWF/E; 2001–2004)
    • "Metalingus" by Alter Brdge (IWE; 2004–present)

Championship and Accomplishments

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