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Joe Linderman and Joe Smith
Morrison (left) and The Miz (right) during the “Tribute to the Troops” tour in December 2008


Joe Linderman
Joe Smith


Joe Linderman and Joe Smith


Joe Linderman:
5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Joe Smith:
6 ft 2 in (1.88 m_


455 lb (206 kg) Joe Linderman:
224 lb (102 kg)
Joe Smith:
231 lb (105 kg)

Former Member(s)

Crystal Gozelanski (valet)


November 18, 2007


April 13, 2009



Joe Linderman and Joe Smith were a professional wrestling tag team former IWE Tough Enough contestants. The team worked for International Wrestling Entertainment on its XCW brand, but also appeared on the Fusion and Meltdown brands due to XCW's talent exchanges with those brands during their tenure as a team. The team had no official name, although they had been referred to as "The In Crowd" or "The Dirt Sheet Duo", after the name of their online webshow. Both are currently signed to IWE on the Meltdown brand, but no longer wrestle as a team.

They first began teaming together in 2007. Joe Linderman and Joe Smith became partners as a result of winning the IWE Tag Team Championship and making the title exclusive to the XCW brand, for a brief time. They eventually dropped the title in July 2008. During their title reign, Linderman and Smith developed a gimmick that resulted in the duo being given their own webshow, The Dirt Sheet, and their own in-ring interview segment of the same name on XCW. In December 2008 they won the Slammy Award in the category for Tag Team of the Year and won the World Tag Team Championship. The team split in April 2009, after the Smith was drafted to the Meltdown brand and Linderman was drafted to the Fusion brand as part of the 2009 IWE Draft.


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