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Hulk Hogan (leader)
Eric Bischoff (co-leader)
Bully Harlan
Jeff Jarrett
Matt Hooper
Tarry Anderson
Ric Flair
Scott Hunter
Cassie Jarrett



Former members

Veto Gentile
Josh Hooper
Rob Truax
Tommy Brown


October 10, 2010



Immortal is a villainous professional wrestlig alliance in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). It currently consists of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff (the kayfabe directors of TNA), TNA X Division Champion Marc, Bully Harlan, TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett, Matt Hooper, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Tarry Anderson, Ric Flair, Hunter and Scott Hunter. The group also formerly included Veto Gentile, Matt Williams, Rob Truax, Tommy Brown and Josh Hooper, who was a two–time TNA World Heavyweight Champion during his time as a member of Immortal. The group is named after Hogan's long–standing nickname, The Immortal.


Formation (2010)[]

Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff debut in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling on the January 4, 2010, edition of Impact!, where they were introduced as business partners of TNA President Dixie Carter. As faces, Hogan and Bischoff exercised control over the company, and attempted to help the company succeed. In February, Hogan began a friendship with Marc and had a feud with Ric Flair and Kevin McAlmond – who would later start the stable Fortune. This continued until the June 17 edition of Impact!, where Marc turned on Hogan. Marc claimed that he was controlled by some entity – to which he referred to as "they" – and that they were coming to TNA. Marc began prophesizing the arrival of "they" on October 10 at Bound for Glory and attempted to gain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship for them by brutally attacking the champion Kyle Johnson, sidelining him for over a month. As a result of the injury, Bischoff stripped Kyle Johnson of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and announced a tournament to determine a new champion.

Takeover of TNA (2010–present)[]

On the October 14 edition of Impact!, Hogan (once again using the "Hollywood" moniker he used while a member of the nWo) christened his new alliance "Immortal". Bischoff revealed that it had all been an elaborate plan to take complete control of the company. He revealed that he had tricked Carter into signing over the company to him and Hogan a week earlier when Carter thought she signed the paperwork to fire Marc. Also that night, Immortal formed an alliance with Ric Flair's Fortune. At Turning Point the alliance of Immortal and Fortune scored a clean sweep, when Fortune defeated EV2.0 in a ten man tag team match, Marc defeated Jared Keller in a lumberjack match, Jeff Jarrett defeated Dustin Simpson and Josh Hooper retained the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a match against Brandon Martin. On the following edition of Impact! Hogan presented Hooper with a new design of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, which he dubbed the TNA Immortal Championship. Dixie Carter returned on the November 25 edition of Reaction, informing Hogan and Bischoff that a judge had filed an injuction against the two on her behalf over not having signatory authority, indefinitely suspending Hogan from TNA. Two weeks later Bischoff declared that the alliance of Immortal and Fortune needed all the belts in TNA to use as a leverage against Carter. On the December 23 edition of Impact! Ric Flair hired Rob Truax to take over Brandon Martin's old spot as the bodyguard of Immortal and Fortune as a whole. At Genesis Fortune's members won the TNA X Division and TNA World Tag Team Championships, while Marc brought the TNA Television Championship to Immortal, after defeating Paul Kagard, meaning that the alliance of Immortal and Fortune momentarily held all the male titles in TNA. At the same event Matt Hooper made his TNA debut as Immortal's surprise opponent for Kyle Van Johnson and defeated him, thus preventing him from getting a shot at his brother Jeff's World Heavyweight Championship. In the advertised main event of the evening Tarry Anderson defeated Brandon Martin in a number one contender's match. However, immediately afterwards Eric Bischoff, trying to capitalize on Anderson's fatigue, announced that he would be getting his shot at Jeff Hooper straight away. After interference from Morgan, Mick Foley, Matt Hooper, Van Johnson and Bischoff, Anderson defeated Hooper to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. On January 31 at the tapings of the February 3 edition of Impact! Fortune, sans Flair, who was not at the show due to a torn rotator cuff, turned on Immortal and explained that they were not going to allow Bischoff to destroy TNA like he did World Championship Wrestling (WCW). On February 13 at Against All Odds Jeff Hooper regained the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from Tarry Anderson in a ladder match. Flair returned at the February 14 tapings of the February 17 edition of Impact!, during which he turned on Fortune and made a jump to Immortal. On February 24 at the tapings of the March 3 edition of Impact!, Hulk Hogan returned to TNA and regained control of the company, having won the court battle against Dixie Carter. Later in the evening Jeff Hooper lost the TNA World Heavyweight Championship to the returning Cting. On the March 17 edition of Impact!, Bully Harlan joined Immortal, becoming the group's new enforcer. Later that same night Immortal's security guard Hunter won the TNA Television Championship, which had been vacated after Marc had been sidelined with a storyline injury.


In Wrestling[]

  • Marc's Finishing Moves
    • Black Hole Slam
    • Shock Treatment
  • Anderson's finishing moves
    • Mic Check ([[Leg hook reverse STO)
  • Bully Harlan's finishing moves
    • Bully Bomb (Sitout full nelson atomic drop)
  • Flair's finishing moves
    • Figure four leglock
  • Jarrett's Finishing Moves
    • Stroke
  • Matt Hooper's Finishing Moves
    • Twist of Hate
  • Scott Hunter's finishing moves
    • Hunter Recliner (Standing camel clutch)
  • Entrance themes
    • "Immortal Theme" by Dale Oliver

Championships and Accomplishments[]