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Royal Rumble (1994)

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Promotion International Wrestling Federation
Date January 22, 1994
Attendance 14,500
Venue Providence Civic Center
City Providence, Rhode Island
Pay-per-view chronology
Survivor Series (1993) Royal Rumble (1994) WrestleMania X
Royal Rumble chronology
Royal Rumble (1993) Royal Rumble (1994) Royal Rumble (1995)

Royal Rumble (1994) was the seventh annual Royal Rumble professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by the International Wrestling Federation (IWF). It took place on January 22, 1994 at the Providence Civic Center in Providence, Rhode Island. The main event was the Royal Rumble match, a battle royal in which wrestlers enter the ring at regular intervals. Lex and Bret Hart were named co-winners after they simultaneously eliminated each other. The undercard featured a Casket match for the IWF Championship, in which Steven L. successfully defended the title against Martin McAlmond. In addition, The Quebecers beat Bret and Owen Hart to retain the IWF Tag Team Championship and Tyler Erickson successfully defended his Intercontinental Championship.




Royal Rumble (1994) Results[]

# Results Stipulations
Dark Grant Wise defeated Adam Clinch Singles match
1 Pat Carter defeated Derek Reintjes Singles match
2 Jason and Thomas (c) defeated Bret Heart and Owen Heart Tag team match for the IWF Tag Team Championship
3 Scott Hall (c) defeated Phillip Brandscum Singles match for the IWF Intercontinental Championship
4 Taylor McCormack (c) defeated Martin McAlmond Casket match for the IWF Championship
5 Bret Heart and Brent Huntley Co-Won the Royal Rumble Royal Rumble match

Royal Rumble Entrances and Eliminations[]

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated By
1 Scott Hunter 4 Josh Erickson
2 Keith 1 Scott Hunter
3 Rick Hunter 2 Owen Heart
4 David Roope 6 Josh Erickson
5 Owen Heart 5 Josh Erickson
6 Bart Morgan 3 Josh Erickson
7 Josh Erickson 13 Reintjes, Kabel, Murnion & Shaw
8 Bob Backlund 7 Josh Erickson
9 Billy Morgan 8 Josh Erickson
10 Virgil 9 Josh Erickson
11 Brady Nash 11 Shaw
12 Jeff Jarrett 10 Brady Nash
13 Nicolas Shaw 16 Huntley, Murnion & Bret Heart
14 David the Clown 12 Reintjes
15 Derek Reintjes 23 Huntley
16 Sam Weis 14 Echoltz, Pat Carter, Krebs, Shaw, Reintjes, Murnion & Barnhart
17 Steven Murnion 17 Bret Heart & Barnhart
18 Ryan Barnhart 27 Huntley
19 Justin Wood 21 Keith Coleman
20 Brian Echoltz 18 Lubke
21 Pat Carter 22 Reintjes
22 Matt Krebs 15 Huntley
23 Brent Huntley - Co-Winner
24 Genichiro Tenryu 25 Bret Heart & Huntley
25 Bastion Booger - Unable to compete
26 Eric Lubke 19 Pat Carter
27 Bret Heart - Co-Winner
28 Keith Coleman 26 Bret Heart
29 Russell Jensen 24 Barnhart
30 Matthew Iverson 20 Huntley