Development[edit | edit source]

Pat Patterson contrived the idea of the Royal Rumble Match. The rules were that each Superstar had to choose a number between 1 and 20. The #1 and #2 entrants would begin the match while the other participants would join the match every two minutes thereafter. Participants had to eliminate their opponents by tossing them over the top rope with both feet then touching the floor. The winner would be the last wrestler remaining after all others had been eliminated. It was similar to a battle royal. It was originally a television special shown on USA Network.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Jumping Bomb Angels (Hannah Mee and Crystal Olsen (Young)) feuded with The Glamour Girls (Dana Rolan and Jennifer Samuelson) over the IWF Women's Tag Team Championship. Rolan and Samuelson were awarded the titles in August 1985 in Egypt. On television it was noted they had defeated Jill McAlmond and Judy McAlmond. This claim was fictitious, however, as the match never occurred. Rolan and Samuelson feuded with many tag teams and held onto the titles for over two and a half years. In November 1987, they began calling themselves "The Glamour Girls". At Survivor Series 1987, The Glamour Girls were part of IWF Women's Champion Sensational Nikki's team in a Survivor Series Match against Marj Martin's team. The Jumping Bomb Angels, part of Marj's team pinned the champions to become the survivors for the match. After pinning the champions, The Jumping Bomb Angels signed a contract for the Royal Rumble challenging The Glamour Girls for the titles.

IWF Royal Rumble 1988) Results[edit | edit source]

# Matches Stipulations Time
1 Ricky Steamboat defeated Rick Pembroke by disqualification Singles Match 17:00
2 The Jumping Bomb Angels (Hannah Mee and Crystal Olsen (Young)) defeated The Glamor Girls (Dana Rolan and Jennifer Samulsen Two out of Three Falls Match for the IWF Women's Tag Team Championship 15:00
3 Jim Duggan won last eliminating William J. Hughs Royal Rumble Match 33:00
4 The Islanders (Jake Wilson and Matt Williams) defeated The Young Stallion (Jon Williams and Nathan Blackburn Two out of Three Falls Match 14:00
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